Sena 50R vs 50S

With the launch of Sena 50R and 50S, many people want to know the differences. They are both excellent Bluetooth headsets but which is best for you? Let’s find out!

sena 50r vs 50s

In this article, we’ll also cover some important questions like:

  • What is Mesh 2.0?
  • What is the difference between the Sena 50R and 50S Bluetooth headsets?
  • Is Sena 50R waterproof?

And many more!

Sena 50R and 50S are the latest intercom series featuring Bluetooth 5.0 technology with 2.0 intercom software. The difference is the control button, dial, and the 50S is more expensive with a longer battery life of 1 hour. 


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Sena 50R

This sleek designed Sena 50R is a low-profile device with wireless Bluetooth communication for motorcycles and comes packed with incredible features.

Its newly upgraded Mesh Intercom 2.0 features robust reliability where you can access contact with other riders within a range of up to 5 miles/ 8 km or within your device range.

It has two mesh modes, Open Mesh Intercom and Group Mesh Intercom:

  • Open Mesh Intercom can swap between 9 channels and communicate with a near-limitless number of riders.
  • Similarly, the Group Mesh Intercom enables 24 participants. Its advanced technology allows the riders to experience uninterrupted communication with its reliable connections. 

One of its many exciting features includes voice-command virtual assistant access (“Hey Siri”/ “Hey Google”), which allows you to access your smartphone hands-free.

When connecting your smartphone to its Bluetooth 5 connectivity, you get easy access to phone calls, music or GPS navigation. 

Furthermore, its upgraded HD speakers have been optimized for better audio quality, bass, clarity, and boost in volume. 

With this device, you can communicate for 8 hours in Mesh Intercom and 13 hours in Bluetooth Intercom. 

Even with a fast charge of just 20 minutes, the device can still run for six hours. Because the battery charges 30% faster, it gets fully charged in 1 hour. 

In addition, it comes with two different microphones: wired microphone and wired boom microphone. Lastly, its WiFi cable allows you to charge the device that comes with automatic downloads and installation of firmware updates. 

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Sena 50S

The Sena 50S is also another wireless Bluetooth communication system with Mesh Intercom 2.0, which has similar features as Sena 50R but more like the standard version.

The Mesh Intercom delivers reliable communication with its game-changing technology, enabling you to communicate with riders within your device range up to 5 miles/8 km. 

It has two modes of Mesh Intercom: 

  • Multi-Channel Open Mesh allows you to swap between 9 channels while allowing communication with a near-limitless number of riders. 
  • Group Mesh Intercom provides contact with up to 24 participants in a private group. By pairing your smartphone with Bluetooth, you can easily access your phone calls, music, and GPS navigation. 

This device comes upgraded with HD speakers for enhanced audio quality, volume boost, voice clarity, and more bass. 

It has a voice-command virtual assistant (“Hey Siri”/ “Hey Google”) for hands-free access to your smartphone. 

In addition, it includes a WiFi Cable to charge the device, and with WiFi connectivity, it automatically downloads and installs updates. 

The Sena Utility App allows you to control and customize the device’s functions. It comes with a talk time of 9 hours in Mesh Intercom and 14 hours in Bluetooth Intercom, one hour longer than Sena 50R. 

With its 30% fast-charging battery, the battery gets fully charged in 1 hour. Also, with a quick charge of 20 minutes, the battery lasts for 6 hours in Mesh Intercom and 3.5 hours in Bluetooth Intercom. 

Additionally, Sena 50S comes with three types of microphones: wired microphone, boom microphone, and wired boom microphone. 

What is the difference between the Sena 50R and 50S Bluetooth headsets?

Sena’s latest intercom series features Bluetooth 5.0 with Mesh 2.0 technology in two models: Sena 50R and Sena 50S. 

Firstly, the Sena 50R and 50S are the latest intercoms from Sena technologies that have made waves in communication technology. 

The Mesh Intercom Software on Sena Bluetooth headsets comes with two types of mesh modes on each device.

  • Open Mesh Intercom: This mode gives you a choice to switch between 9 channels and interact with a limitless number of riders.
  • Group Mesh Intercom: This mode allows you to create a private group for communication that supports 24 riders. 

The Standard Bluetooth Intercom supports 4 riders. Meanwhile, in Mesh Intercom Mode, it allows communication with other riders up to 5 miles. 

The main difference between Sena 50R and 50S is their design. The Sena 50R has 3 control buttons, while the Sena 50S has a jog dial. 

Moreover, the battery life also differs. In 50R, the battery can last for 8 hours in Mesh Intercom and 13 hours in Bluetooth Intercom. 

While in the 50S, the battery lasts for one hour longer in intercom mode, with 9 hours in Mesh and 14 hours in Bluetooth. 

The Sena 50R and 50S come updated with HD speakers with more bass and clarity to make the sound system better and louder than the previous editions. 

These devices have a quick charge feature that keeps the battery running for 6 hours with just 20 minutes of charging. And it takes 1 hour to charge the battery fully. 

In addition, the WiFi adapter works two ways, and it charges the device and also automatically updates the firmware.

Both these devices have the same sound clarity. However, when it comes to audio, there’s a difference. 

The Sena 50R comes with two microphones:

  • Wired
  • Wired boom microphone

Compatible with 10R earbud, which enables it for audio. 

In contrast, the Sena 50S comes with three microphones: 

  • Wired
  • Boom
  • Wired boom microphone

The wired boom comes equipped with a 3.5mm earbud enabling you to use your earbud. The addition of the boom microphone on the 50S makes it more versatile compared to 50R. Another advantage is that there’s an AUX port on the clamp kit for a non-Bluetooth MP3 player.


Sena 50R can be attached directly to your helmet with either the loop and hoop fasteners, clamp kit, or double-sided adhesives. 

Sena 50S can be mounted with a clamp kit. However, if it doesn’t work, you can use the Glued Surface Mounting Adapter. In addition, the 50S features the Ambient Audio Feature, which can be activated by tapping twice on the Ambient Mode Button on the clamp kit. This feature is not included in 50R. 

These two devices have HD speakers, a voice-activated digital assistant, a robust network, and nine-channel operation but also have their differences. 

The difference is the 50S is priced slightly higher than 50R because of its few added features. If you prefer the additional features, you can go for the 50S, but if you’re looking for a low profile, you can go for the 50R. 

Both of these intercom devices come equipped with up-to-date software and are of excellent quality. 

What is Mesh 2.0?

Mesh 2.0 is Sena’s latest intercom software with a multi-channel function, and this firmware is used on both Sena 50S and 50R. 

This new technology comes with a robust network and superior audio quality, making communication easier. 

It includes a group mesh intercom that allows private chats for up to 24 individuals—meanwhile, its open mesh intercom enables you to switch between 9 channels. 

Furthermore, its stable connection keeps the group seamlessly connected even during harsh conditions. Even when one rider’s connection goes out of range, it automatically gets connected when it gets back in range. 

How do I install Sena HD speakers?

To install the Sena HD speakers, you will have to update the Sena app from your device to the latest firmware. The new speakers produce audio clarity, volume, and bass 60% more than their predecessors. 

Here’s how you can do it:

  • You can use your computer to update your device using the Sena device manager. 
  • Remove your old speaker from the helmet and mount your new HD speakers. To attach the new speakers to the clamp kit, unscrew the back of the clamp and then attach the new speakers.
  •  Lastly, update the Sena app on your mobile and activate the HD speaker option from the app.

Updating the firmware and the app allows you to control the music according to your preference. 

Does Sena 50S come with HD speakers?

Sena 50S doesn’t come with speakers, and you will have to buy it separately. 

The premium HD speakers developed for Sena 50S are compatible with other Sena models like 30K, 20S EVO, and 20S. 

With the firmware update, you can pluck your Sena speaker and experience superior audio quality with enhanced bass and clarity. However, Sena headsets are priced 13% more than 30K headsets. 

Is Sena 50R waterproof?

Sens 50R is not waterproof, but it’s reasonably water-resistant. Though it can withstand extreme weather conditions, riding it in unfavourable weather conditions can shorten its longevity. 

But still, occasional downpours are not an issue, and they cannot damage the headset.

 Is Sena 50S compatible with 30K?

Yes. Sena 50S is compatible with 30K, and you can either connect it via mesh or Bluetooth, and it’s effortlessly accessible. Plus, Sena HD speakers are also compatible with 30K. 

How do you connect Sena 50S to 30K?

Connecting Sena 50s to 30K is super easy. You can do it two ways: mesh or Bluetooth.

To connect Sena 50S to 30K (mesh):

  • Firstly, pop up the antenna on both headsets.
  • Secondly, to power on the device, press the phone button and centre buttons together. Wait for some time for the device to boot and connect. 
  • Lastly, click on the mesh button, and it will get connected to the preset channel.

To connect Sena 50S to 30K (Bluetooth):

  • Firstly, turn on the devices by holding the centre button and phone button together. 
  • Secondly, allow them to boot. To connect the devices, press and hold the centre button for five seconds. 
  • Lastly, wait for the device to respond with “intercom pairing,” Once it does, the device will pair automatically. 

Are the Sena HD speakers worth it?

Sena HD speakers come at a relatively low price with improved sound quality, so they’re definitely worth the price. The speakers are designed to deliver high sound quality with more clarity and bass boost. 

Sena HD speakers have been built with a bevelled edge to reduce ear-to-edge chafe, easily fitting inside helmet speaker pockets. 

The speakers have 50% higher audio clarity with enhanced bass, and the apps have been updated to enhance the HD speakers, and audio EQ presets. So with these updates, you get the advantage to experience the new features of HD speakers. 

In addition, to allow you to make the best use of the speakers, Sena has also developed firmware for the 20S, 20S EVO, 30K, 10C EVO and 10C PRO. 

There are two types of HD speakers:

  • Premium HD speakers for 20S, 20S EVO, and 30K.
  • HD speakers for 10C PRO and 10C EVO.

How can I make my Sena 50S louder?

To make your Sena 50S louder, you’ll have to install the latest firmware with your compatible headset then adjust the settings on the app. That way, you can enjoy a superior sound quality from the speakers.

When did the Sena 50S come out?

The Sena 50 was made available by the end of May 2020, and Sena technologies released two Bluetooth helmet intercom 50R and 50S that charge 30% faster with more bass and 7%more volume. 

Additionally, its quick charge allows the device to charge fully in 1 hour. This Sena 50 series also has digital assistants voice commands of “Hey Siri” and “Hey Google.”