Best Motorcycle Chain Locks

Are you looking for reliable bike security gear that will make thieves think twice about trying to steal your bike? Chain locks are an excellent option.

Although these devices can be a bit cumbersome when you’re out for a ride, they’re incredibly effective at preventing your motorbike from being stolen. However, there are so many different chains on the market; how do you know which is best?

In this article, we’ll also cover:

  • How do motorcycle chain locks make bikes more secure?
  • What to look for in a motorcycle chain lock
  • Chain locks: portable vs stationary/ light vs heavy
  • Do you want only a chain lock or a disk lock/ground anchor?
Top Pick
  • Quality Chain and Lock
  • Extra Security and Maintenance Gear
  • Affordability and Multiple Uses
  • Sold secure bronze
  • Tough double locking padlock
  • Hardened steel shackle
  • Gold Sold Secure
  • Double locking mechanism
  • Ultra-strong padlock with hardened boron steel armour casing.
  • Covered key hole
  • Anti Drill
  • Anti Saw

Top Pick!

This FD MOTO chain lock is sturdy and flexible and has a manageable weight of 3-4 kgs, depending on the length of the chain (1.2 or 1.8 meters). A shroud protects the anticorrosive padlock, as strong as the chains. Plus, the chain is water/dust resistant.

What we like:

Quality Chain and Lock

At 1.2 and 1.8 meters, the chain has more than enough length to lock together multiple bike sections. It has a rich nylon sheath to protect the chain and the bike.

The sturdily welded 10mm rust-resistant square steel along with a durable padlock makes busting this chain lock almost impossible, even for heavy-duty tools like bolt cutters, hammers, and angle grinders. 

Extra Security and Maintenance Gear

FD-MOTO comes with an alarm brake disk lock. The alarm is a super-loud 110db motion-detecting siren that no thief will want to mess with!

You get a free 1.5-meter cable along with a waterproof bag for the alarm’s maintenance. Also included are batteries and an Allen key.

Affordability and Multiple Uses

The FD-MOTO motorcycle chain lock is only a few bucks shy of $50, even with all the extra gear.

Plus, it can be used not just for various bikes but also for other valuable goods like camping and BBQ equipment. 

What we don’t like

Depending on the user’s preference, the only possible con is the bulkiness of the chain-lock contraption.

FD-MOTO sits at around 2.9-3.9 Kgs, which is not a lot compared to other chain locks. It’s honestly a fair compromise for adequate security.   

Your Questions On Motorcycle Chain Locks Answered

Let’s be honest; there isn’t any fully thief-proof bike lock. Experts say it’s not about permanently guaranteeing the safety of your ride but making it as challenging as possible for thieves and troublemakers to steal them.

The question here is not if your bike can be stolen, but how long it would take to be stolen.

The longer it takes for someone to steal your bike, the better the chances that they get frustrated and just call it a day. Or of you catching the perpetrators in the act. Nobody wants to risk getting busted toying with a bike lock for hours. It’s dangerous. And also uncool.

Types of Motorcycle Locks
There are 6 major types of locks for motorbike security:
  • Chain locks and anchors
  • Disc locks
  • Grip locks
  • Ball-joint locks
  • U-shackle locks
  • Articulated locks
Choosing the one for you may depend on:
  • Strength and durability
  • Lock-bike compatibility- in terms of weight, length (for chain locks), and design
  • Expert ratings
  • Price-quality ratio

Why Motorcycle Chain Locks Are Ideal

Chain locks make it super-easy for any bike owner to benefit from its robust security potential. Unlike other locks, these can be used for all bike types.

According to bennets, a standard disk lock will probably be too big for its brake disk if you own a scooter. And finding one that’s ideal for your scooter’s model can be tricky.

The same goes for the rest, like U-shackle locks, ball-joint locks, grip locks, etc.

Chain locks are also great because they can be used in multiple ways and various equipment. Its flexibility makes it easy to manoeuvre around different sections of the bike. Plus, easy to store.

Things To Look For In A Motorcycle Chain Lock


The first thing to look for in a chain lock is the material. Go for those made of a high-quality alloy that provides strength and durability.   

Then assess the chain’s length and thickness. The ideal chain lock has to be at least 1.2-2 meters long and have a thickness of 10-16 mm.

A decently lengthy chain allows you more options in securing your bike. You can do a wheel-to-wheel lock or fasten your bike to a post, railing, etc.

As for thickness, the chunkier your chains, the more challenging (and annoying) it is for thieves to cut through them. It will take them a good while to defeat these hunky masses.

Even with power tools like angle grinders, thick chains make for a risky theft. Cutting them will create a lot of noise. Also, chunks flying from the chains upon friction can intimidate the perpetrator.


What’s the use of a super-strong chain if your lock is no good? It just defeats the whole purpose of securing your bike!

When getting a chain lock, ensure that the lock that comes with it is as solid and impenetrable as the chain. Avoid flimsy locks that can be smashed open, drilled into, leveraged, or picked open.

The shackle should be thicker than the chain, whether a padlock or mini-U lock. The material, too, should be as solid and durable.

Additional Security and Maintenance Equipment 

One marker of a good product is some nifty extra protection features.

Chain jacket

For the chains, that means a synthetic covering of some sort, like nylon. First, it’ll help water and rust-proof your chains. And second, it’ll prevent it from scraping the surface of your bike.

Also, if you care about style, a cool jacket will undoubtedly be a great addition.

Lock shroud

Go for locks that have a protective shroud over them which can effectively resist cuts and other attacks. They’ll also serve the double function of protecting your lock from the forces of nature as a chain jacket does.

While quality can demand more investment, it’s certainly worth it if it keeps your ride safe.

Expert Ratings And Reviews

If you’re not a bike security connoisseur, getting help from the experts can be of great help. One way to tell whether your chain lock is good is by looking up expert ratings and reviews.

Find out if the equipment you’re getting has a good Sold Secure or ART rating. Any other rating from trusted security equipment testing companies will also do.

Sold Secure rates security gear from Bronze to Silver, Gold, and Diamond- Bronze is the least and Diamond is the most secure. ART on a scale of 1-5 in the same order.

  • Bronze: Medium-level security
  • Silver: Good security at a reasonable price
  • Gold: High-level security
  • Diamond: Highest-level security

Of course, chain locks with lower ratings don’t mean they’re ineffective. Most chains on the market don’t even qualify for the lowest Sold Secure and ART ratings. Nevertheless, make it a point to get one with at least a minimum expert rating. That’ll ensure your bike’s safety to a reasonable extent.   

Portable Vs. Stationary Chain Locks

Portables are chain locks of the lighter range. They comprise:

  • Chain length: 0.6 – 1.8 meters
  • Chain thickness: 6 mm- 12 mm
  • Chain + lock weight: 0.90 kgs – 6.2 Kgs

Lighter chain locks are perfect for carrying around. You can use them outdoors when you’re taking a trip to town, attending classes and so on.

The best light chain locks to go for would be those between 10mm- 12mm with a length of 1.2-1.8 meters. This way, the chains aren’t too thin or short to get clipped with minimal effort. 

Stationaries are the bulkier lot with:

  • Chain length: 0.7- 2.5 meters
  • Chain thickness: 14 mm- 18 mm
  • Chain + lock weight: 4 kgs – 10 Kgs

These are great for securing motorbikes indoors. The one apparent downside is they can be cumbersome. Carrying them around is a trade-off you might want to reconsider if lifting heavy weights is just not your cup of tea.  

Stationary chain locks can be used outdoors as well if you’re planning to keep your bike out for prolonged periods. But be warned, no security system is thief-proof for long outdoors. With power tools, any lock is liable to be hacked open within minutes.

Bottom line: Go for 1.2-2M*10-12 mm chain locks to get both ease-of-use and security.  

Chain Lock Or Disk Lock/Ground Anchor

Getting disk locks or anchors isn’t necessary if you have a stationary chain lock. But you may choose to get them if your lock is a lighter portable. It’s all a matter of how serious you are about the safety of your bike and the bike theft statistics in your area.  

On that note, you’d be glad to know that bike theft has been declining since 2016. NICB’s 2020 report confirmed the trend with just 41,000 registered cases of bike robbery in 2019. That sounds like a lot but pull up 2016’s 46,476 cases, and that’s a 12% decrease in theft rates.

But hold your horses a bit! NICB also just released their auto theft stats for 2020. And oh boy, it sure looks like there’s going to be a surge of bike robberies as well in the coming days.

Either invest in a sturdy 10-16mm, 1.2-2-meter chain lock or add extra security gear like a disk lock, ground anchor. Some chain link sellers even provide a disk lock as additional security gear.  

You can also experiment with the other lock types we’ve mentioned above. Find out which works for you to have your bike secured satisfactorily.

Best Motorcycle Chain Locks

Another heavy-duty bike chain with a disk lock, its chain is 1.5 meters long and has a diameter of 9.5 mm. It is attached to a robust, durable and compatible padlock.

Weighing at 3.27 kgs, the OF159 is a solid Bronze Sold Secure rated chain lock that’ll surely test those brazen bike thieves.

Drawback: Less than 10 mm

While this may not seem to live up to the benchmark of an ideal chain lock, the hardened alloy steel makes up for any deficit.

Oxford chains have become a staple in motorbike circles. This one makes it to our top reviews for its Ni-Cro-Mo-alloy steel 1.5*12mm Hex chain and double-locking padlock.

The chain also has a synthetic covering for added durability. Plus, the lock is additionally fortified with a tough boron casing.

Drawback: Steep pricing. At almost $100, it’s quite an investment for just one security gear.

But if you don’t mind splurging for Sold Secure Gold-rated security, this one has to be on your list.

This one's available in lengths 1, 1.5, and 2 meters. The chain is a 10mm sturdy alloy steel and a protective sleeve. Weighing 2.77-4.87 kgs, the JDC RHINO 10mm is not too light that is flimsy and not too heavy that it's cumbersome.

As for the lock, it’s made of super-tough chromo steel that’ll surely be a pain in the butt to break open.  

Drawback: No expert rating.

If you want a budget chain lock that meets all the ideal indoor/outdoor lock criteria, you can give this one a try.

Final Verdict

It’s always a smart move to lock up your valuables. And when it comes to motorbikes, a no-nonsense robust chain lock is indeed a crime-fighting security gear that delivers.  

Quick Recap. When getting a chain lock, look out for:

  • Material quality
  • Design
  • Length-weight ratio
  • Price-quality ratio
  • Expert ratings

The best in-between options for indoors and outdoors are 1.2-2M*10-12 mm chain locks. Make the most of your next bike security purchase by trying the FD-MOTO 1.2M/1.8M*10mm Steel Motorbike Chain Lock.

We hope our rundown on the best chain locks for motorcycles has you confident and ready to get one for yourself!