Can motorcycles get caught by speed cameras?

Do you get tempted to test out some of the myths behind speed cameras and run the gauntlet to see if you get a ticket for speeding?

You can get a speeding ticket if you are flashed by a speed camera or caught in a speed trap using a bridge-mounted camera. Don’t believe the myths about speed cameras. Assume they are working. 

Do motorbikes get speeding tickets?

Constantly. Most motorbike owners receive a ticket. It’s just the nature of riding a motorbike on a nice sunny day. The feel of freedom and the wind rushing past is nothing to compare. Then flash, you have just been caught exceeding the speed limit.

Speed cameras are the bane of every road user’s life, and mobile speed traps using cameras and ANPR are used on roads where you would consider the risk of an accident is low.

Regardless of how we feel about speed cameras and speed traps, they are part of daily life while using the roads throughout the UK, so we need to slope down and be vigilant to avoid being issued with a speeding ticket.

In some cases, you will be given the option to attend a speed awareness course and not receive points on your license, which is a welcome gesture from the police.

It’s suggested that speed awareness courses do impact motorbike riders and drivers in general.

Does police radar work on motorcycles?

Yes, police radar works effectively on motorcycles and cars. Just because you do not have the footprint of a car, do not assume that police radar cannot detect your speed.

Police radar is sophisticated and accurate, so it is pointless to convince the traffic officer or the courts that the radar gun is not calibrated.

Can mobile speed cameras be detected?

Speed detection cameras have developed over the past couple of decades and moved away from radar to detect speed. Radar can be detected if you have a radar detector mounted on your motorcycle.

However, mobile speed cameras now use laser technology to pinpoint your motorcycle and accurately measure your speed.

The only way to detect a mobile speed camera is to buy a GPS detector, but this will not save you from the mobile camera that moves in the back of a van every few hours.

Do motorcycles follow the speed limit?

Motorcycles riders follow speed limits and tend to open up their machines on more technical roads where there are bends to feel the exhilaration of riding a motorcycle.

The downfall of any speed camera relies on an open straight road to record your speed over a given distance. 

Speeding on the Broads is not advised due to hedgerows and limited visibility, and often debris such as mud from farm vehicles on the road.

Sticking to the speed limit is good advice.