Can you use car wax on a motorcycle?

Are you looking to rejuvenate your motorcycle paintwork and wonder if car wax is a good choice? Will car wax harm your motorcycle?

Yes, you can. Car wax is versatile and can be applied to most painted surfaces to make the paintwork shine. However, motorcycle fuel tanks can take a beating and become scratched and dull, so you may need a little more than car wax to restore the lustre.

Can you use car wash and wax on a motorcycle?

Yes, you can. Depending on the finish you look for, you may not like the finish on your motorcycle seats and any other black plastics.

You need to wash your motorcycle off as you would normally do to remove road grime and any other loose debris.

Once your motorcycle is dry, you can buff the paintwork with a clean, dry microfiber cloth for some extra gleam.

Can you use Turtle Wax on a motorcycle?

Yes, the boffins at Turtle Wax have made a wax specific for motorcycles or maybe just repackaged their existing products?

Turtle Wax gives sound advice to wash your motorcycle before applying wax. They also recommend, as all other polish manufacturers do to not have your motorcycle in direct sunlight when applying polish or wax to the paintwork.

Interestingly applying too much wax to your paintwork only makes life hard for you and does nothing for the end result.

Wax will only stay on a painted surface at around 10 microns, and using more just gets buffed off.

Turtle Wax recommends using their car interior cleaner for your seat; it protects your seat while removing stains and ground-in dust. It dries to a flat finish and leaves no residue that can be transferred to your clothes.

Can you use car polish on your bike?

Yes, protecting your investment is a great idea. Applying polish to your bike every 3 months will keep your bike looking like new.

A polished bike is easy to clean the next time around as the road grime can’t grip the paintwork as easily without the polish.

Keeping your bike washed and polished will ultimately help with the resale value, so your efforts are not wasted.

What can I use to polish my motorcycle?

There are so many different polishes available for your motorcycle, and the price ranges from budget friend to premium polishings kit for the ultimate shine and protection.

The key to maintaining your motorcycle’s paintwork is regular washing and polishing around every t10 weeks depending on the usage of the motorcycle.

Clean microfiber cloths are essential for a scratch-free finish.

Turtle Wax has been around for decades, and it’s affordable with a good reputation, so don’t feel it’s a budget polish.

Combined with a clay bar to remove stains and light scratches, Turtle Wax will do a good job.

Some waterless washes and waxes are said to provide an equally good polishing job from a spray bottle while helping to save the environment.