Do motorcycle helmets need breaking in?

Does your motorcycle helmet feel tight? When you put the helmet on and take it off, is it pulling the skin on your face and head?

A new helmet will become looser the more you wear it, around 20%. To break it in, wear it around the house; it takes about 15 hours of wear to break in properly.

However, it’s supposed to be snug and tight. If it’s tight to affect your vision, it’s too tight. A loose helmet doesn’t provide you with protection in an accident. 

Do motorcycle helmets loosen up?

Yes, your new motorcycle helmets will loosen up over about 15 to 20 hours of wearing them. The padding gives slightly, and the helmet becomes more comfortable.

However, if your helmet is not snug, then it’s too big if you can insert a couple of fingers. That’s a good fit if the helmet can rotate way too big for your head.

Your new helmet should be snug enough that you can’t chew a stick of gum!

If your helmet is causing numbness or chaffing and pain, it’s too tight.

How tight is a motorcycle helmet supposed to be?

Motorcycle helmets need to be tight to give you the protection needed in an accident. A poorly fitting motorcycle helmet is almost as bad as not wearing a helmet.

Make sure your helmet is comfortably tight. If it is causing pain by applying too much pressure in areas, then it’s too tight, and no amount of breaking in will help.

Even after breaking in 20 hours, the helmet should still feel very snug and secure on your head.

A telltale sign that your helmet is not big enough is when the cushioning at the top of the helmet is not sitting on your head.

How can I make my motorcycle helmet more comfortable?

Choose a helmet for your head shape and size, and human heads are all different shapes and sizes, so selecting the fitting helmet can be quite a task.

Open helmets are comfortable but offer the least protection in an accident. A full-face helmet offers lots of protection and is very quiet, but it’s challenging to get on and off because the helmet needs to be snug.

Modular helmets have become very popular due to their comfort levels and protection while offering the best of both worlds when removing the helmet and maybe taking a drink while riding.

Do helmet cheek pads break-in?

Yes. The cheek pads will mould to the shape of your face and become more comfortable after about 20 hours.

Wear a new helmet around the house or garden while doing chores to speed up the process of breaking -in