Guardian Bells On A Motorcycle

Riding a motorcycle is an exhilarating experience. It’s also a potentially dangerous one, so it’s important for bikers to protect themselves and their machines. 

One way to do that is with a guardian bell, but where should you put it? 

We answer:

  • Where do you put a guardian bell on a motorcycle?
  • What are guardian bells?
  • What a guardian bell can do for you.

Let’s get started!

What Is A Guardian Bell?

A guardian bell is like a charm – a talisman of sorts. It tinkles in the wind, ringing out with a resounding melody that’s said to ward off evil spirits. 

This bell is usually hung from the handlebars of a motorcycle or other vehicle, so it’s always close at hand.

The small bells come in many shapes and sizes, often adorned with images or words of comfort and good luck. 

Benefits Of Installing A Guardian Bell

It’s believed that the sound of a guardian bell ringing can ward off evil spirits or bad luck. 

This charm may even provide you with some psychological security or peace of mind as you ride.

The sound of the bell can be comforting, reminding you to stay focused and alert while you ride.

Common Locations To Mount A Guardian Bell On A Motorcycle

Here’s the deal: knowing where to mount a guardian bell on your motorcycle is key. And luckily, there are plenty of spots to choose from – each one as unique as the next.

Let’s explore some common locations for mounting a guardian bell: 

  • On the handlebars or clutch/brake levers 
  • Below the seat or passenger pegs 
  • On the rear fender or license plate holder 
  • On the gas tank cover or side panels 
  • On top of one of the mirrors

No matter which spot you choose, make sure it’s an easy-to-see location so you can admire your new bell every time you ride!

How To Securely Attach A Guardian Bell

To ensure the security of your ride, it’s essential to attach the bell correctly. Here are 4 tips for fastening your guardian bell:

  1. Clean the area where you’ll position the bell before attaching it. This helps to ensure a secure fit and prevent rusting over time. 
  2. Use a strong adhesive such as double-sided tape or industrial-strength glue. Keep in mind that these substances will eventually dry out so make sure to check periodically that they’re still firmly attached and reapply if needed. 
  3. Bolt the bell on if possible. This is the most secure option, but requires drilling into your bike’s frame which may not be ideal for all riders. 
  4. Wrap zip ties around both sides of the bell and secure them tightly around a nearby handlebar or fender strut depending on where you decide to mount it.

These simple steps guarantee that your guardian bell remains firmly attached to your motorbike – no matter what comes its way!