How much does a motorcycle engine weight?

Have you ever dropped your motorcycle and struggled to pick it up? It’s cumbersome, right? A 600 cc motorcycle can weigh up to 500 pounds but, how much of that weight is the engine itself?

Of course, motorcycle engines are all different from the manufacturers of the engines, and the engine displacement will affect the weight. On average, a mid-range sports bike engine of 600cc weighs in at only 50 to 90 pounds depending on the model and manufacturer.

What is the average weight of a motorcycle engine?

It’s reasonable to understand that motorcycle engines are of different weights depending on the size of the engine, and larger engine motorcycles will have more ancillaries like ignition coils, larger manifolds and so on.

So when it comes to engine weights, the information from the manufacturer can be a little different in reality.

In other words, when an engine manufacturer gives you the engine’s dry weight, that is, without oil and any other lubricants, it is only a slight difference, but when the engine is fitted to the frame, each pound will add up.

Different engine sizes

If your engine’s volume is larger, is the increase in weight linear? We already started a 600 cc engine that could be in the range of 90 pounds. The engine of a 1200 cc motorcycle can be 220 pounds and more fully dressed.

Smaller engine motorcycles and mopeds are lightweight, with the engine not being hefty, especially with two-stroke engines.

Engine weights are not always easy to identify because the manufacturer will give the total weight of the motorcycle typically as a dry weight without oil, coolants and so on.

But don’t be deceived. Your engine can contribute up to 25 % of the total weight of your motorcycle. The rest of the weight is the frame, electronics and all the ancillaries needed to make the motorcycle run efficiently.

How much does a 600cc motorcycle weigh?

A 600cc engine, on average, weighs in at a meagre 90 pounds, which you must admit is lightweight for a motorcycle that produces so much power. 

The sportier the bike, the more likely hood of lightweight alloys being used to reduce weight.

How much does a 1200cc motorcycle engine weigh?

A 1200 cc engine is more substantial than you would expect and has more ancillaries. The 1200 cc motorcycle engine can weigh in as much as 220 pounds. When you consider the average rider maybe around 180 pounds, this is a big engine.

Again lightweight alloys will have been incorporated to keep the weight of the engine down. Nevertheless, it’s still a beast.

How heavy is a 250 engine?

As you would expect, the 250 cc engine is lightweight in comparison to the bigger cc engines. A 250 cc engine can weigh in as little as 20 pounds and up to 60 pounds.

The 250 is a great engine for the city and touring use despite its small stature and weight.