Can riding a motorcycle cause haemorrhoids?

Is riding your motorcycle contributing to the misery of having haemorrhoids? Is it true that motorcycle riders get haemorrhoids?

 Haemorrhoids can result from prolonged sitting, so riding your motorcycle for long periods without taking a reasonable breaks could cause them. Other things cause haemorrhoids, and your motorcycle riding probably won’t cause it.

Why am I suddenly getting haemorrhoids?

Riding your motorcycle for long distances without taking a break could contribute. The underlying problem is less likely to be your motorcycle but more likely your diet.

Motorcycle riders are not well known for their healthy eating habits, although It is probable that many riders do eat a healthy diet.

If you have a diet high in protein and low in fibre, this will be a significant contributing factor to your haemorrhoids.

Other contributing factors are starting when you visit the toilet, being overweight and having high blood pressure.

If you have a physical job or hit the gym, straining when lifting can cause those pesky haemorrhoids to pop out and give you pain.

So, all in all, your motorcycle riding is probably the slightest cause of your problems but sitting or standing for long periods does not help the situation.

If you ride for long periods, take frequent breaks and walk around.

What shrinks haemorrhoids fast?

Several remedies are available, not least a visit to your doctor for professional help.

Treat the cause add fibre to your diet to enable your stools to become soft, so you are not straining.

There are tons of topical treatments that are effective and can be purchased over the counter. You can choose from natural products to medicated creams to relieve pain and itching.

Your local pharmacist will give you some great advice on which medicated treatment to buy.

Have warm baths and keep super clean in that area, and your problems will shrink away.

What activities should you avoid with haemorrhoids?

Avoid the gym for a while and straining. Sitting for long periods of standing for long periods aggravates haemorrhoids, so avoid them if you are able.

Diet plays the main contributing factor, so avoid these foods.

  • Spicy food, like curries and anything with chilli
  • Caffeine, reduce tea and coffee consumption
  • Alcohol
  • Fried foods
  • Red meat
  • Eating lords of fibre which will keep you sitting on the toilet

Can driving long hours cause haemorrhoids?

If you can’t avoid sitting for long periods, take frequent breaks and walk around to relieve the symptoms and keep the blood flowing.

Sitting for long periods on a motorcycle will cause the veins in and around the anus to become engorged with blood and cause haemorrhoids.

Also, riders who ride for extended periods are not taking enough toilet breaks and often become constipated, which adds to the development of haemorrhoids.