Are sheepskin motorcycle seat covers worth it?

Do you feel like something between you and your rear end other than a manufactured vinyl seat cover?

It depends on how often and how far you ride your motorcycle. Sheepskin saddle covers are cool in the summer and warm in the winter. They tuck away quickly if the skies open unexpectedly.

Do sheepskin seat covers work?

Sheepskin seat covers are nothing new and have been around for decades or even longer as a comfort item for long-distance riding.

Sheepskin is an excellent insulator, and paradoxically, sheepskin keeps you cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold.

Do you know sheepskin has hollow fibres? This causes the hairs on sheepskin to wick away moisture.

If you ride daily or long distances, you will know how uncomfortable some saddles can be and how much they can make you sweat. Sheepskin overcomes this.

Is sheepskin antimicrobial? It prevents odours from emanating from the sheepskin cover and does not need much care to remain in good shape.

Do sheepskin seat covers keep you cool?

Yes. Sheepskin has terrific insulation properties which keep your rear end cool on the hottest of days. If you are a daily rider, you will know just how uncomfortable and sweaty your rear end can become when sitting on an artificial fabric for hours on end.

Sheepskin has excellent properties other than insulation to keep you comfortable on a long journey. Its wicking properties due to sheepskin’s hollow fibres help you keep cool on the hottest days.

I’m sure if you have been riding for hours on a warm summer’s day in jeans, you will know the potential embarrassment of climbing off your bike with damp jeans, Yuk.

Sheepskin is hard wearing, and because the backing is durable, you can customise the straps to suit your saddle arrangement. 

Sheepskin is excellent because you could buy a whole skin relatively cheaply and make your seat cover. You could even make some custom sheepskin seat covers and sell them online.

How can I make my motorcycle seat more comfortable?

Motorcycle seats are pretty good these days, but some stock seats lack padding and cause some discomfort.

There are several ways to make your seat more comfortable, some budget-friendly and others a little more expensive.

What causes your saddler to be uncomfortable?

  • Insufficient padding
  • The seat is too firm and not the best shape for you
  • Binding and friction can be a problem.

These are just a few issues riders face.

The most logical solution is to change your saddle to a seat that fits your structure. It can be expensive.

You could add wooden beads, it sounds uncomfortable, but it allows additional airflow and offers a massage effect to help blood flow to your rear end.

You could use an air cushion for extra comfort.

The truth is you are probably not taking enough breaks when riding to keep the circulation in motion.