Are straight pipes bad for motorcycles?

Are you looking for the authentic sound of your engine unimpeded by catalytic converse and baffles< A straight pipe exhaust could be the answer you are looking for.

Yes, a straight pipe exhaust is harmful to your motorcycle. Without backpressure, your engine runs hot, which causes premature component failure. Your motorcycle may not be street legal, and with environmental noise laws, a straight pipe will likely breach the laws. 

Can a straight pipe damage the engine?

This is a contentious issue, with some enthusiasts saying no straight pipes can cause damage and conversely, other riders say it will cause damage.

Here are the indisputable facts of riding with straight exhaust pipes.

Your mixture will be lean, resulting in higher internal temperatures in your engine. Sustained higher temperatures around the block and cylinder head are bad for your bike. If you think differently, then you are dreaming.

Your exhaust will be loud, unbearably loud to some folks. Still, more importantly, the resonance for a straight exhaust and the harmonisation of vibrations is terrible for every part of your bike and may lose fasteners.

Unfettered emissions will be emitted from your motorcycle, destroying the environment, but in turn, the carbon build-up around the exhaust headers will be increased.

What happens if you straight pipe a motorcycle?

The first thing that will happen when you straight pipe your motorcycle is that your neighbours will hate you. The volume of a straight pipe exhaust system is horrendous.

You will discharge unchecked emissions into the environment, adding to high CO2 and CO in the atmosphere.

Overheat your engine and see how it runs. Your engine will run lean, which translates into higher running temperatures. For the sceptics, higher engine temperatures cause premature damage to the engine!

Cylinder head damage can occur. Remember, lightweight alloys may reduce engine weight and dissipate engine heat efficiently, but these alloys have a specification and once passed, they can land you with an expensive repair.

Yes and no, If you ride on a track, who cares what you do and how much noise you make. On the other hand, on the highway, they are illegal.

Straight pipes exhaust will most certainly attract interest from the law whatever country you are riding in the western world trying to address environmental issues.

The police will take a dim view of straight pipe exhausts, especially their noise, and you will likely receive a fine.

Is it bad to take the muffler off a motorcycle?

Yes, and hers why. Your muffler is there for a couple of reasons, one of the reasons is to reduce irritating exhaust noise, and the second is for the engine’s performance.

Removing your muffler will decrease the output of your engine and make your motorcycle slower at lower revs. You may gain a little at higher revs, but nothing significant.