Are vans good for motorcycle riding?

Would you like something a little more fashionable to wear on your feet when riding your motorcycle?

Vans has a range of flat shoes, which would be great for motorcycle riding. However, they are trendy skateboards and BMX shoes but don’t have adequate protection in an accident.

Are vans good for motorcycles?

Vans have a range of shoes designed for motorcyclists. They look the same as their regular shoes without any protection.

Most motorcycle riders would agree that your shoes are an essential safety kit when riding your motorcycle.

The traditional motorcycle boots have sturdy soles to prevent flexing of the foot in an accident; they have ankle support to hold your ankle firm to prevent ankle damage in an accident.

So how is it possible that vans have a shoe that is essentially a skateboard shoe without any of the protection required by a motorcycle rider?

You would have to agree that a shoe company with more than 3 decades of trading under their belts knows a thing or two about shoes, and the Vans are mighty fine fashion shoes.

Can Vans make a successful transition into motorcycle footwear? It remains to be seen.

What kind of shoes should I wear for motorcycle riding?

There is a train of thought that you can wear shoes to ride your motorcycle, but it would be reasonable to expect that train of thought to diminish when your ankle has rotated a couple of times due to support in an accident.

Avoid shoes and choose a boot that will support your ankle at the bare minimum. Furthermore, buy footwear that is purposely designed for use on a motorcycle with all the protection needed.

If you are worried about your boots not cutting the mustard when it comes to fashion, then take a change of shoes with you. They are not heavy.

Can you wear sneakers while riding a motorcycle?

Yes, you can if you have no regard for your safety and if you are unfortunate to experience an accident accept that wearing sneakers may be why you might not walk again!

Motorcycle safety gear is essential, and there should never be an occasion when you decide to throw caution to the wind.

Are motorcycle riding shoes necessary?

Wear boots. They give better protection that you will value in an accident.

Statistically, you are 6 times more likely to receive a foot injury than wearing the correct footwear in a motorcycle accident.

That’s a staggering statistic that should alone convince you not to wear shoes on your motorcycle.

If you must wear shoes, then wear shoes designed to give some stability to the foot and have enough underfoot grip to prevent slipping when you put your feet down on the road surface.