Best Motorcycle Trousers For Commuting

Wearing motorcycle trousers can make your ride comfortable, safer, and they also make a strong fashion statement. What are the best motorcycle trousers for commuters? We’ve got you covered!

Best Motorcycle trousers for commuting

The best motorcycle trousers for commuting are comfortable and safe. As well as being water-resistant and tear-resistant, it should also protect your body from abrasions. 

Additionally, we’ll answer a few questions like these:

  • Is commuting on a motorcycle worth it?
  • Are leather pants good for motorcycle riding?
  •  Why do bikers wear jeans?

And many more!

Top Pick
  • 600D Korean Cordura material.
  • 3M reflective material to increase visibility.
  • thermal quilted lining
  • Made from Quality 600D Cordura.
  • It’s Waterproof and Windproof.
  • Removable Armour at Knee and Thai
  • High Quality 1.0-1.1mm Top Grain Leather 
  • 11″ ankle zip to remove the trousers
  • Stretch panels at the knees, waist and hip area
  • High quality cotton blend with Aramid lining
  • Tech pro
  • Removable knee and hip protectors
  • H2Out Waterproof Membrane
  • Fastening: Zipper
  • Universal Fit

Our Top Pick

Texpeed Waterproof Armoured Motorcycle Trousers

Our overall top pick for commuting is this motorcycle trouser for men from Texpeed, as we couldn’t overlook its many nuanced details. 

Firstly, they are suitable for all seasons and weigh 1.56 kg, with waist sizes from 30 to 60. 

The high-quality 600D Korean Cordura material with a high abrasion resistance provides skin protection. Beneath the Cordura material is a highly breathable 100% Reissa waterproof layer.

The stitched layer of Reissa gives benefits when riding in summer or winter.

Texpeed has added durable velcro with an adjustable belt, as press studs can lose their durability and impede performance with continuous use.

You can also attach compatible jackets to it conveniently for breezy days. It includes 3M reflective piping for better visibility because rider safety is paramount.

There is a fully sealed waterproof zipper on each side that makes it convenient to remove the trousers. It has two large cargo side pockets and two zipped top pockets to accommodate your belongings.

Additionally, it also features a removable CE-approved armour on the hips and knees.

With all the various features, it’s the perfect trousers for first-time bikers or your everyday ride.

What pants are good for motorcycle riding?

For motorcycle riding, a good pair of pants designed explicitly for rides are highly essential. Technically, you can wear any type of pants that give you comfort, but well-constructed pants come with better protection and security. 

Whatever clothing you decide to wear, the key is to keep yourself well-protected from uncertainties. 

You should opt for Kelvar and synthetic materials with armour on the knees and hips specially used by motorcycle riders. Or at the very least, wear thick or heavy jeans to stay protected. 

While going for a ride, safety and comfort should be your top priority. The good news is that many fashionable outfits for rides with excellent protection. 

Good quality clothing comes with internal adjustments and armour that keep you well protected. Most of these pants are made with durable fabric because these protective outfits are designed for safety to minimize injuries in case of accidents. 

If you’re looking for a good quality pair of trousers for riding, you can also have a look at the products we have reviewed.  

Is commuting on a motorcycle worth it?

According to Statista, by the end of 2020, about 1.27 million motorcycles were registered in Great Britain. 

Commuting on a bike does come with benefits compared to cars or trains, but it also comes with disadvantages. Commuting on public transportation can be more expensive, and sometimes getting stuck in a jam for long hours can be overwhelming. 

But that’s not the case for commuting by motorcycle because it’s less expensive and more reliable than a car. Plus, you can also reach your destination a bit earlier. 

To add a few, purchasing a motorcycle is also less expensive than investing in a car, and you’ll be able to reduce petrol expenses saving money.

In addition, insurance is much cheaper too. But every day is not a sunny day, and sometimes the bad weather conditions can be a disadvantage. With heavy downpours, the road can get slippery, which can be very dangerous.

So what are the advantages and disadvantages of commuting on a motorcycle? Let’s have a look.

Advantages of commuting on a motorcycle

  • Not as affected by traffic jams.
  • Enjoy the fresh air.
  • Fewer breakdowns.
  • It’s fun, and you don’t have to stress about parking.
  • It burns calories and can promote weight loss.
  • Motorcycles are fuel-efficient, so you save money.
  • It keeps you focused, which is beneficial for your brain.
  • During rush hour, you can take alternative routes.

Disadvantages of commuting on a motorcycle

  • You’re exposed to strong smells like smoke, garbage, exhausts, etc.
  • You save money on fuel expenses, but you require safety gear and helmets, adding to expenditures.
  • It’s not always fun—bad weather conditions like snow, rain or cold wind.
  • Higher chance of an accident.
  • Unlike cars, you don’t get protection because there are no bumpers or airbags.
  • A motorcycle requires more attention. 
  • Motorcycle tires are less durable.
  • Limited storage capacity.
  • It requires physical strength.

Can you Wear Jeans When Riding a Motorcycle?

There are no rules for what you should wear when riding a motorcycle, and most people often wear jeans when commuting to town or running errands. 

It’s because they’re more convenient, and putting on leather pants can be time-consuming. However, jeans don’t offer any protection, and you’re likely to get severe injuries in case you fall. 

The simple answer is, jeans are not apparels for riding a bike. With that being said, wearing jeans when riding a motorcycle is like an open invitation for disaster. 

But if you must, then you should probably go for a good pair of motorcycle jeans to protect yourself from any dangers.

Why are jeans not a good option? It’s because jeans are made of cotton, and they don’t have abrasion resistance. The only positive point is they don’t retain heat compared to motorcycle gears, but that’s it. 

And that shouldn’t be a concern because safety comes first. Even at low-speed falls, jeans will tear up in seconds and shred your skin. 

We don’t advise anyone to wear regular jeans when riding a motorcycle. If you do, make sure to invest in kevlar jeans.

Are leather pants good for motorcycle riding?

You must have noticed that most motorcyclists opt for leather pants, and many of them wear leather. No matter what the season or weather, some wear a lot of it as their skin. 

And those who don’t ride a motorcycle may not realize this, but there’s a pretty good reason behind the idea and why they wear them. So are leather pants suitable for motorcycle riding? Absolutely yes! 

Most (if not every) street riders or racers wear leather pants or outfits for maximum road rash protection. 

Leather pants can come in various styles to meet different needs and are durable.

The reason why riders mostly prefer leather pants is that they offer abrasion resistance. But leather cannot protect your knees and hips from accidents. 

So look for armours or padding around the hips, knees, and thigh. 

Why do leather pants make a good option? As already mentioned, they provide excellent protection. 

There’s no 100% guarantee that leather will give you complete protection in case of a crash, but it surely will keep you away from severe injuries than other materials. 

You can use leather any time of the year, so it an ideal option. 

How to Choose the Best Motorcycle Overpants for Commuting?

With many styles and designs available on the market, it can be tricky to choose what’s best and even harder to pick the right one. 

If you’re not aware of its construction, chances are you’ll end up buying the wrong one because every product is labelled as best. And you want to avoid such a situation at all costs because it’ll be a big waste of money.  

A well-constructed pair of pants can save you time and prevent severe injuries. If you’re someone who commutes long distances, you undoubtedly require motorcycle pants for better protection. 

And so you should do yourself a big favour and always opt for the best because safety comes first. 

However, there are certain things and details which you should look out for when purchasing motorcycle over pants, whether it’s online or in stores. 

  • Choosing the right material

Material is the first thing you should consider, and it should be sturdy enough to protect you even in the worst conditions.

They need to be tear-resistant, abrasion-resistant, and weather-resistant to keep you well-protected. But the problem is, not all motorcycle trousers come equipped with these qualities. 

Opt for materials like leather or nylon for optimum support because they have high abrasion resistance. Premium quality nylon or leather is durable and offer better protection. Though high-quality comes expensive, they’re worth it. 

  • Proper air circulation

Without a doubt, wearing non-breathable material will make you uncomfortable. 

Yes! You’ll be sweating bullets inside, which can be an unpleasant experience before going to work. 

Since most motorcycle trousers are constructed with sturdy materials, they’re less breathable. In the winter, it is your saviour, but in the summer, it is an inconvenience. 

Keeping that in mind, opt for trousers with better air circulation with mesh panels or ventilation ports inside, allowing air to circulate to have a safe and comfortable ride. 

  • Abrasion resistance

Lower parts of your body, such as knees, hips, and ankle, are more exposed to high-impact and prone to injuries. 

In an accident or crash, these parts of your body will sustain more injuries. Hence, they should be well-protected. 

Look for trousers with padding, armours, or kevlar patches to keep yourself protected from any impact.

  • Waterproof

If you’re someone who commutes daily in the UK regardless of the weather, then you should consider choosing waterproof motorcycle trousers. 

Waterproof products aren’t really waterproof. If you want the best, choose well-known brands since they deliver high-quality products. 

  • Reflective material

When it gets dark, motorcycles tend to be less visible, especially in low-light areas, which is why you should ensure that your trousers come with reflective stripes as a safety measure. 

  • Pockets

Pockets are also an essential feature when it comes to motorcycle over pants. Ensure that the pants you choose come with enough pockets where you can conveniently reach out for your belongings whenever needed while riding. 

What should you not wear on a motorcycle?

When commuting on a motorcycle, you shouldn’t wear outfits that are not protective. Avoid wearing shorts or tank tops because they don’t stand a chance to protect you if you fall, and you’ll end up with scratches. 

Also, avoid flapping jackets or black outfits. Loose flapping jackets cause wind resistance, making them hazardous. 

Avoid wearing a black outfit, especially at night (unless it has reflective stripes). 

How vital are motorcycle pants?

Most people tend to overlook the importance of motorcycle pants. You can wear gloves, helmets, and boots, but it can cost you a lot if you’re wearing jeans or casual clothes instead of motorcycle trousers. 

The lower parts of your body, such as buttocks, knees, and hips, are prone to sustain injuries, so they require additional protection. 

Lastly, ensure that your trousers are well-fitted for better comfort and protection.


Best Budget

Ridex Waterproof Thermal Armoured Motorcycle Trousers

This waterproof thermal armoured motorcycle trouser from Ridex is another stylish pair of trousers for men. It’s well stitched and well-padded, which provides good warmth and comes at an affordable price.
Ridex’s trousers are made with 600D Cordura material to prevent scratches and protect your skin. One good thing about this product is that it’s both waterproof and windproof. They weigh 1.76 kg, and the waist sizes are available from 32 to 36. 

It has a 190T polyester liner for waterproofing and a velcro fastening stretched panel above the knee and back for more flexibility. 

It has an adjustable belt with velcro for better support with a removable thermal lining on the knee. 

To help you stay warm on cold days, it features a connection zipper to attach jackets. Since safety is essential, it has a 3M Scotlite Reflective Piping for more visibility during the night. 

In addition, it also includes 2 cargo pockets and 2 pockets with a zipper, so you don’t run out of space to keep your belongings. 

Best Leather

Texpeed Leather Motorcycle Trousers

The quality of leather can vary, and most times, it can be tricky to choose the right quality. 

But Texpeed is transparent with its description, providing excellent quality at an affordable price.

Texpeed men’s leather cruiser trousers are durable with 1.0 – 1.1mm top-grain quality leather with mesh linings.

This top-grain leather has been buffed and sanded to remove imperfections and is superior to genuine leather. It weighs 2 kg, and waist sizes are available from 30 to 46. 

This top-grain leather has been buffed and sanded to remove imperfections and is superior to genuine leather. It weighs 2 kg, and waist sizes are available from 30 to 46. 

The stretch panels on the knees, waist and hip areas avoid strain and provide extra comfort. It has YKK zippers (a durable, high-quality zipper) throughout and has two large front pockets where you can conveniently store your belongings. 

On the waist, it has a press stud and comes with a free removable belt. For better protection, it features CE-approved armour, which is removable and also provides good comfort.

There is also convenient zip and velcro adjustments on the legs to help you remove the trousers with ease. 

Best Jeans

JET Motorcycle Jeans Kevlar Safety Trousers Aramid Lined

Fashionable but designed for motorcyclists, with armoured with strong protection pads. These jeans are blended with high-quality cotton and reinforced with aramid lining. 

One good feature about this product is that the Kevlar material is used for abrasion resistance. 

Kevlar is a synthetic solid fibre that is five times stronger than steel, and Aramid fibre also has similar qualities. 

With this being the reason, more brands have started adding Kevlar and Aramid fibres to provide safety and offer better protection, especially around the hips and knees.

The JET motorcycle jeans come in three colours, black, blue, grey. They weigh 1.47 kgs, with a range of waist sizes. 

It has stretch panels on the back, side, crotch, and knee area for maximum comfort and ergonomic fit. It also has removable hip and knee protectors. 

They are highly durable and have excellent abrasion resistance. They are not only stylish, but also reinforced and armoured, making them suitable for everyday wear. 

Best Overpants

SPIDI Motorcycle Textile Trousers

This Italian brand is known for durable motorcycle riding gear. These thermal pants are waterproof over-pants, with two lateral zippers for easy wear and removal.

Tenax textiles are used for the outer fabric, while polyurethane and cotton are used for insulating. 

They are breathable, waterproof, and windproof. Plus the insulated liner provides additional warmth for colder day rides.

They come in various sizes available, from M to 3XL, so it’s easy to choose the right fit.

They are lightweight, only weighing 660 grams (0.8 kg). Plus, they have certified multitech protectors on the knees. They can be easily worn over casual trousers and are height-adjustable. 

A drawback is they don’t have a fly zipper, which can be inconvenient for some.