Why do you need to break in a motorcycle?

Have you collected a new motorcycle and been tempted to open the throttle and enjoy the performance of a fast engine?

New motorcycles are manufactured to tight tolerances so breaking in is not an issue. The breaking in (running in) period for a motorcycle is relatively low, just a couple hundred miles. It’s not the engine you need to break in but the actual brakes, so they are bedded correctly.

Is it necessary to break in a new motorcycle?

New motorcycles are manufactured to very tight tolerances, and the machine shop is spotless.

However, it is a good idea to bed the brakes and gets the motorcycle’s feel over a couple of hundred miles, keep an eye on fluid levels, and check that cables are adjusted to the correct tension.

Decades ago, motorcycles and cars needed to be run in. This meant a bedding-in period for the engine components such as the main bearings and big-end bearings. Not over-revving the engine was the primary process for successful running in a period of a given amount of miles.

It could be common for performance vehicles to re-torque the bolts of the cylinder head.

How do you break in a motorcycle? It’s an easy process and nothing to worry about. Ride your motorcycle normally after making sure you have good brakes. Your clutch cable should be adjusted to perfection.

Keep an eye on fluid levels for the first two hundred miles. Your dealership will want to do an oil service within the first 1000 miles so make sure you adhere to this schedule.

How do you break in a new clutch on a motorcycle? Your new clutch will need breaking in. Riding for 500 miles in city traffic will provide clutch requirements.

After the first 500 miles of stop and start riding, you will need to complete another 1000 miles of highway driving to allow for the clutch friction plate and its mating surface to be fully matched.

 Is breaking in an engine necessary? Keep your throttle at a max of ¾, and you should be fine. With new motorcycles, you just need to watch fluid levels and don’t over-rev your motorcycle.

How many miles should a new motorcycle have?

It is reasonable that your motorcycle will have 50 to 60 miles recorded when you take possession of the motorcycle.

These miles are done for checking the motorcycle is operating correctly.

What to do after buying a new motorcycle?

If the motorcycle is brand new from the dealership, just familiarise yourself with the motorcycle and enjoy, not forgetting to drive carefully.

If the motorcycle is used, it’s a great idea to change all of the fluids to ensure you have the best performance from oil and brake fluids.

Stop and use fresh fuel, check the tyre pressures and check that everything is working from lights to steering lock.