Can a cat b motorcycle be put back on the road?

Are you considering putting a Cat B written off motorcycle on the road? It could be a big job, and disappointment may follow after hard work.

Cat B accidents are categorised as unrepairable to be broken for parts. When an insurance company writes a motorcycle off, they look at the viability of the repair more so than can the motorcycle be repaired.

Let’s dig deeper and see if we can find a bargain.

Can you fix a Cat B bike?

In theory, no, but in reality, you can repair a Cat B bike, get through an MOT and be told it’s not safe. How does that make sense?

If you are into salvage repair, then a cat B could be an opportunity to get a good deal on a motorcycle.

If the frame is badly damaged, twisted and buckled, then it’s probably a Cat B to avoid. However, if you can get the frame on a jig and make it perfectly straight and structurally sound, then you could be on to a winner.

Fixing a Cat B can be fraught with problems, and ultimately you will rely on an assessor opinion from DVLA if your repaired Cat B motorcycle will be given a V5.

How do you get a Cat B car back on the road?

Repair the motorcycle, so it’s in perfect condition. This may include putting the frame on a jin and re-aligning to precise specifications. Tale many photos as the work progresses to prove to the final assessor the lengths you have gone to put this Cat B motorcycle back on the road.

Be aware that assessors at the DVLA are professionals and will know everything about your motorcycle and all of the shortcuts you could take to pull the wool over their eyes.

Can you buy back a Category B write-off?

The government says that the frame must be crushed, so buying back a Cat B write off from an insurance company. You could get into a dispute over the Cat status, and if you win the dispute, the motorcycle would be categorised again and a higher value placed on the buyback.

Can you register a cat B?

This is a grey area due to the Cat B motorcycles only being fit for spares. However, if you repair the motorcycle to exacting standards, you can register the motorcycle.

First, fix the motorcycle so it is roadworthy. Leave no stone unturned in your challenge to repair this motorcycle.

Rest assured, the inspection will be thorough, and if a problem is found, you are back with a pile of salvageable parts and nothing more.

Take your Cat B for an MOT. If you can show the motorcycle has an MOT, it could help.

Ultimately you are in the hands of the DVLA assessor to decide if he will issue a V5 for your cat B repair.