Can a motorcycle be stolen without keys?

With so many online tutorials about how to start your motorcycle if you lose your keys, the question must be, if it’s this easy, how is it possible to stop a thief?

Yes, it’s common. Motorcycle wiring is complex, but the flaw is the ignition switch and connector, which can be completed with a wire for starting the engine. Locks can be rendered useless in seconds by inserting a screwdriver straight down the centre and twisting it.

How easy is it to steal a motorcycle?

It’s almost child’s play. It is that easy and what’s even more incredible is if the thief has been watching your movements, he will have time to get a key made for your motorcycle. Do you know your key code is on the motorcycle in a prominent place to be found?

Once the would-be thief has your keycode, he can go online and, for a small subscription fee, enter in the code and have the precise pattern of your key in seconds. Who will suspect a thief is stealing your motorcycle if he has a key?

How are most motorcycles stolen? Increasingly motorcycles are being bike jacked! A van pulls up next to a parked motorbike. A few guys jump out and lift it into the van. It takes seconds.

The van is on false plates, so the theft goes unsolved by the police, and you wait for a protracted payout from the insurance company, who will try to wriggle out of the claim if they can.

Do you think an unbreakable heavy chain will save your motorcycle? Think again. If you have chained your motorcycle to an immovable object like a lamppost, the thief will sacrifice a front wheel and take the rest of the motorcycle.

Motorcycle thieves are well organised and determined individuals who are not afraid of being approached by an upstanding community member to attempt to thwart the theft.

What do you do if your motorcycle has no keys?

If you are a law-abiding citizen, you will have the logbook for your motorcycle as proof of ownership. You can find the key code from the frame of your motorcycle and get a new key made.

If your key code is hard to read or you can’t find it, you can remove the barrel, and a locksmith can make a new key from the barrel.

The best but most expensive is to get a new key from the dealership, but again you will need to provide proof of ownership.

If you are in a real dilemma, you have the option to hotwire the motorbike; this is a quick get you out of trouble solution until you can resolve the critical issue.

It’s always a good idea to sign up for roadside assistance. The technicians typically go the extra mile, and they can often have a solution that can get you back on the road fast.

What prevents a motorcycle from being stolen?

Have more than one security device, and don’t rely on your ignition lock and factory immobiliser. They are almost useless when confronted with a determined thief.

Heavy-duty chains are a deterrent, they are hard to cut with bolt croppers, and an angle grinder will draw attention to the attempted theft.

Buy the very best lock you can afford. There is some very informative video on lock and how easy some of the more expensive locks can be picked within seconds. Choose a lock that is difficult to open.

Thread the chain through the back wheel and around the swingarm. Try to keep the chain taught when you lock with the padlock.

Statistics show that motorcycles are less likely to be stolen from a home garage with an alarm. It’s easy to guess that the would-be thief would have more charges if caught and more likely to be given a custodial sentence instead of a slap on the wrist and a fine.

The old adage out of sight out of mind is relevant for motorcycle theft. Cover your motorcycle with a motorcycle cover. Some covers have alarms, and a would-be thief will not want to attract too much attention while stealing your motorbike.

If your motorcycle is parked outside, park it in a conspicuous area, where there is lots of foot traffic and vehicle traffic. Thieves are not fond of an audience when working.

Tracking devices may make a motorcycle not worth bothering with. Trackers are tiny, and the thief will not want to take the motorcycle apart to find the tacker and risk being caught.

Do motorcycles get stolen a lot?

1 in every 44 motorcycles is stolen in the UK. This makes your motorcycle 958,670 more times likely to be stolen than a car. You are 212,766 times more likely to happen than being struck by lightning.

The statistics are from the Motorcycle Action Group MAG.

The country’s area with more motorcycle thefts is surprisingly London, followed by 5 major counties.

MAG issued the stark warning that the most significant reason motorcycles are stolen is down to the apathy of the owner not fitting a decent locking mechanism, thinking it will make no difference.

What are the chances of finding a stolen motorcycle?

If your motorcycle has been stolen in the UK, your chances of getting the motorcycle back are less than 50%.

Your chances will increase if you can report the theft quickly, giving the police the plate number, the theft location, and approximate time. With police ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) cameras, your motorcycle may be spotted quickly.

After you call the police, get the crime reference number for your insurance claim that will follow.