Can riding a bike cause testicular pain?

Have you experienced testicular pain after riding your motorbike? Is it normal to have pain in your testicles after riding a motorbike?

Excessive vibrations transferring from the frame to the seat for long periods can cause testicular pain. If it only happens when you ride your motorcycle, it’s most likely the seat or excess vibration. However, it’s worth checking with your doctor.

Can bike riding cause testicular pain?

Yes, the riding position on motorbikes varies enormously, and some bikes force you into positions that squash your testicles against the seat or fuel tank.

If your bike forces you to hunch over, you could be forcing weight onto your gonads, which will result in pain.

Off-road bikes are notorious for poor seating positions. They are high for obvious reasons, and when you come to a stop, there is no alternative but to lean and put a foot down.

This constant shuffling in your seat and leaning when at a stop can crush your testicles. Imagine having hours of compressed your balls because of a crappy seating position.

Can riding a motorbike cause epididymitis?

100% yes. Any activity that causes you to sit down for long periods can cause epididymitis.

Sitting for long periods with excess pressure on your testicles can cause the epididymitis to become inflamed.

The epididymitis, once inflamed, can be a harrowing experience, and a trip to your doctor will be inevitable. You can sometimes find relief sitting in a comfortable position and lifting your testicles.

Although ball ache is quite common with motorbike riders, epididymitis could also be caused by an STD, and your motorcycle is making the problem worse.

If you have this condition, a trip to your doctor or urologist will soon confirm the cause of the condition, and you can start remedial action to prevent this from occurring in the future.

Does driving cause testicle pain?

Yes, testicle pain is not the sole domain of the motorcyclist. Car drivers get testicle pain due to the long hours of sitting in a car seat. 

If you spend hours on motorways every week for work, you will have experienced testicular pain. Sometimes the same pain can transmit to your back, making a quick diagnosis difficult.

Is it bad if your balls start hurting?

Yes. However, it’s not severe in most cases, and the remedy is often quite simple to prevent your balls from hurting.

Men often think of the big “C” for testicle pain, but that’s not the case for most guys. Its testicle torsion from sitting and twisting for hours on end.

Urinating infrequently can cause a urinary infection, making your balls ache like crazy.

If you have any worries speak to your doctor, they have seen plenty of hairy balls, so there is no need to be embarrassed.