Can you change a motorcycle tyre on a car tyre machine?

Are you tired of searching for a shop with the correct tire changing machine for motorcycle tyres? Why not put the rim on a machine used for changing car tires?

It’s possible. However, it’s easy to damage the rim and the tyre using the wrong equipment. Tyre changing machines exert force to prevent rims from spinning when removing and fitting a tyre. 

How do you change a tyre on a motorcycle tire machine?

Suppose you are a newbie with difficulty. First, you will need to remove the rotor so the spoons on the tyre machine can grip the rim. To avoid cosmetic damage, use some tape or another material that will protect the finish of your rim.

The process is not the same as changing a car tyre. The tyre is deflated, and a tyre iron is inserted between the tyre’s bead and the rim to pry the tyre from the rim.

The new tyre is fitted in the reverse order with the tyre bead soaped for lubrication, making life easier to locate the tyre.

A decent compressor with a good-sized header tank will be required to inflate the tyre. Always change the valve.

Luckily, you have a tyre fitted perfectly and no damage to the rim.

Can I change a motorcycle tyre myself?

Yes, you will need specialist tools like tyre irons and a valve remover. The process is simple (I didn’t say easy), and with a bit of perseverance, you can save yourself a reasonable amount of money doing it yourself.

There are some excellent tutorial videos online to help you along the way.

Can you plug a motorcycle tyre like a car tyre?

Yes and no? When you plug a car tyre, you can consider that tyre repair as good and will last the tyre’s life. However, motorcycle tyres take a lot of stick on the road, and a plug may just let you down at the wrong moment.

Your motorcycle tyre flexes and distorts on the road. The forces on a motorcycle tyre when cornering at speed are enormous. Would you trust a plug?

Treat a motorcycle tyre plug as a temporary fix. A get you a home solution.

How much does it cost to change motorcycle tires?

The price varies depending on the tyre and the size. Let’s assume you have a sports bike, and a rear tyre will cost you close to 100 pounds to get changed and balanced.

The average price for an average motorcycle will be closer to 60 pounds. It’s a lot of money considering how often you need to change a rear tyre.