Can you change from a carburettor to fuel injection for your motorcycle?

Is it possible to retrofit a fuel injection system on your motorcycle? Will it make a difference in performance?

A carburettor supplies the fuel with jets or a throttle body with an injector. Fuel injection will improve your motorcycle’s economy and reduce its emissions. This is a win-win situation. Anyone with a little bit of mechanical knowledge can perform the conversion.

How do I convert my motorcycle carburettor to fuel injection?

You will need to purchase an EFI ( electronic fuel injection) system for your motorcycle. It will consist of a new throttle body to replace your carburettor, some electronic wizardry and possibly a new manifold depending on your bike.

If you have a carburettor, your motorcycle is either a small displacement engine like 350 CC, or your motorcycle is pre-1980’s.

Carburettors are simple but full of flaws; temperature affects them, elevation affects the carb just about everything impacts your carb, which then blows out poisonous gasses.

An EFI system needs a fuel pump to be reliable and not affected by outside factors.

You will be replacing the old carburettor with a throttle body, adding a fuel pump and wiring the system to provide power. It’s all straightforward, but if you are not technically inclined, then take it to a specialist for completion.

Can you change out a carburettor to fuel injection?

Yes, it’s common practice, and if you want to comply with increasingly stringent emissions for your motorcycle, you may have no choice but to change to an EFI system.

Throttle bodies and fuel injection pumps efficiently run a combustion engine. The correct amount of fuel and air is delivered, increasing performance and lowering emissions.

The process is relatively simple if you have a decent tool kit and a working knowledge of how your fuel system works.

How much does it cost to change a carburettor to fuel injection?

It’s not cheap, coming in at around 2,000 pounds, but it does have an upside. You will use less fuel, so depending on the number of miles you ride each week or month, the initial amount may not be so painful; when you consider the fuel-saving.

Can you put fuel injection on a carbureted motorcycle engine?

You can change your old leaky unreliable carburettor to an electronic fuel injection system.

You will be replacing the carburettor with a throttle body with an injector; the throttle body performs at a higher standard than your carburettor, so you will notice a difference in performance as your air and fuel ratio are delivered precisely.

If you are used to a carburettor, you will know how unreliable and unpredictable it can be. Throttle bodies are a different proposition and will make riding a pleasure again.

Installation takes a little technical know-how and a decent tool kit and can be installed as a DIY system.