Can you change the colour of your motorcycle?

Would you like to give your motorcycle a fresh look or a custom paint job? Are you thinking the legalities of changing the colour of your motorcycle could turn into a nightmare?

Changing the colour of your motorcycle in the UK is hassle-free. You need to contact the DVLA and update your V5C section 7 to avoid any problems with the police. If you wrap your bike, the law has changed to follow the same process.

Can you change a motorcycle colour?

Yes. You are entitled to repaint your motorcycle in a different colour or have a custom paint job.

What denotes the colour of your motorcycle is the primary colour of your petrol tank. This has the largest painted area, so any change to your petrol tank’s colour will be deemed as changing the colour of your motorcycle.

Paint technology has come on leaps and bounds in the past decade, and you can find some fantastic paint jobs. However, more and more riders are considering wraps. They are not permanent and can be removed to reveal the original colour of the motorcycle if required.

The laws have recently changed to say that wraps need to be notified to DVLA as a colour change. Previously, updated law wraps were not considered permanent, and you didn’t need to notify DVLA.

You need to change your V5C because the DVLA records are used by different agencies to correctly identify your motorcycle, such as MOT requirements and, of course, the police.

How much does it cost to change the colour of a motorcycle?

On average, it costs between 400 pounds to 750 pounds depending on the paint shop and the materials used. If you are looking for a custom paint job, these prices will increase.

The main cost element of repainting your motorcycle is the professional labour charges.

Is it illegal to change the colour of your bike?

Yes, you contact DVLA immediately with the appropriate paperwork completed, such as section 7 of your V5C logbook with the proviso. The good news is there is no charge from DVLA for admin work.

Can you modify your motorcycle?

You can modify your motorcycle as much as you wish. The only caveat to modifying your motorcycle is if you want to ride on UK highways, it needs to be road legal and have a current valid MOT certificate.

For modifications that change the motorcycle’s appearance, such as paintwork, you will need to contact DVLA and complete the V5C section 7.

You should also contact your insurance company and advise them of the modification you have made. This may increase your insurance premium or even void your current insurance if the modifications to the performance of the motorcycle are radical.