Can You Change The Odometer On A Motorcycle?

Do you have a valid reason for wanting to change your odometer? Maybe you need to change your handlebars or repair some accident damage?

Yes, you can change the odometer on your motorcycle. Depending on your motorcycle’s age, your mileage reading will be stored on the ECU and other chips throughout the motorcycle. You will get in trouble if you change your odometer to make your motorcycle more saleable.

Is changing the odometer illegal?

No, and Yes, it depends on the reason you are altering the odometer. If it’s because you like to see fewer miles on your bike for some reason, then it’s ok. Go ahead. However, if you are trying to misrepresent the mileage to a buyer, it’s illegal.

Suppose you sell your motorcycle and alter the odometer to record fewer miles. In that case, this is illegal, and you could find yourself being prosecuted and getting a criminal conviction you will never be able to shake off.

If your motorcycle is relatively modern, your mileage will be stored on an ECU and other chips located within your motorcycle.

Is it possible to change mileage on a digital odometer?

Yes, digital odometers can be recalibrated to say rewind the mileage. It is best to seek the help of a professional due to the delicate nature and specialized nature of altering the digital readout.

You should understand that if your motorcycle has previously been through an annual safety check, your mileage has been recorded on a national database and is readily accessible through mileage and condition apps on your mobile device.

If you recalibrate your odometer to show less mileage when you sell your bike, you should disclose the actual mileage to the prospective purchaser to avoid an unexpected knock on the door.

How do you adjust the mileage on a motorcycle?

Adjusting the mileage on a digital odometer can be a simple process if you have the correct interface. However, you should know the internal electronics are delicate and need correct earthing to avoid damaging the screen or internals.

Take your motorcycle to a specialist if adjusting a digital odometer. Analogue odometers can be changed by moving the number of barrels with a set of feeler gauges and a little pressure on the barrel.

How do I know if my motorcycle odometer is accurate?

You will need to make a couple of assessments, consider the seller’s usage. Is it a daily rider? What’s the condition of the motorcycle like?

If you suspect the mileage is incorrect, check on an app and look at service records for the motorcycle. They should follow the schedule if the motorcycle has been maintained following the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Check brake disk wear. If the wear pattern does not match the mileage, there is a problem.

Altering the recorded mileage to deceive the buyer is illegal, and the buyer has recourse through the judicial system.