Can you do Uber Eats on a motorcycle?

Do you need to earn some extra cash and wonder if you can deliver food with Uber eats? Does my motorcycle need to meet any special requirements?

Yes, if your motorcycle is 50cc or above, you can register and become an Uber eats delivery rider. You need to be at least 19 years old and have a relevant driving licence. Rules change from area to area, so check for updates.

How much do Uber Eats bikers make?

This sounds like a cop-out, but it depends on you. There are no guaranteed incomes with Uber Eats. You can assume you will earn more Friday and Saturday evening, but it’s hit and miss and depends on your work ethic.

Will you make more on a motorcycle than if you were delivering in a car? If you stick to the speed limits, your earnings will be comparable to whichever mode of transport you choose.

However, if you live in an area where traffic congestion is an issue, you have a chance of earning more because you can negotiate the traffic more efficiently.

You have to view Uber eats as a second income without any great expectations and hope for the best. However, if you are willing to put the hours in, it would be reasonable to earn around 150 bucks on a good day.

The logistics of carrying food orders

If you are using a motorcycle or scooter to deliver UberEats, you have to use your head for orders you can realistically deliver.

Some orders contain a large drinks order that has many cups. Can you deliver without spillage and upsetting the customer?

Let’s face it; some orders are damn hard to deliver in a car, so use your head at what you accept and what you decline for deliveries. You will pay for spilt drinks!

You will need a reasonably good waterproof carrying bag with either a backpack or some other method you can secure to your motorcycle.

Consider the seasonal aspect of delivering food on a motorcycle. It’s ok when the weather is good, but what happens when it’s lashing down with rain?

Even the warm summer evening can be challenging with a high concentration of bugs in the air.

You will also need to correct insurance for deliveries which may be prohibitive if your insurance company decides your motorcycle is now for commercial use and not private. You could see hikes in your insurance premium that negates any profits you may see from Uber eats.

How do I add my motorcycle to Uber Eats?

Go to the Uber eats website and register. You hear all sorts of problems trying to register, so if you have difficulty, try the Uber app. 

If you struggle with the Uber app, contact Uber customer service. They are reportedly Uber nice, and Uber is helpful and will help you complete the process to get you working and delivering food in your area without delay.