Can You Use Prestone Antifreeze In A Motorcycle?

Do you find motorcycle antifreeze products very expensive? Do you really need to pay four times the price of Prestone antifreeze to take care of your engine?

Yes, prestone is sustainable for aluminium engines. A 50/50 mix will protect you down to minus 37 degrees. However, be aware you may find that the dealership will tell you your warranty is void if you use products not intended for your motorcycle engine.

Can Prestone be used in motorcycles?

Prestone coolants and antifreeze are very popular among car drivers, and for a good reason. Prestone makes a great product, and it is stocked almost everywhere and easy to access.

The answer may be a little more complicated than you would first think. Motorcycle engines are made from aluminium like car cylinder heads.

Prestone does not cause damage to cars with aluminium heads, so will it affect your motorcycle?

Use the prestone all vehicle antifreeze. It’s phosphate, silica free and borate free which will help the life of your water pump.

Prestone works down to minus 37 degrees and will protect your engine without causing damage.

Can I use regular antifreeze in a motorcycle?

Possibly! Many regular antifreeze products contain silicates and other chemicals that can leave microscopic granules in your engine that will cause damage over time.

Use an ethylene glycol product. It has good antifreeze properties and does not contain anything that could damage your engine over time. However, some ethylene glycol products can form insulation over time, preventing efficient cooling.

Regular antifreeze is an excellent alternative to water, but check what your manufacturer recommends and the mix ratio.

Is motorcycle antifreeze the same as car antifreeze?

Not always. You will need to check the ingredients and compare the two antifreeze options.

Car antifreeze can be a little more robust than motorcycle antifreeze and cause problems in your motorcycle engine.

Car antifreeze often has silicates, and this will damage your motorcycle engine. You must use ethylene glycol without any abrasives that will cause damage to your motorcycle engine.

Can you use Prestone antifreeze in a dirt bike?

Yes, you can use prestone antifreeze on your dirt bike as long as the antifreeze does not use silicates that will screw up your water pump.

It is best to use the pre-mixed antifreeze. However, if you want to mix your antifreeze, use distilled water and not tap water. The tap water will have contaminates like microscopic lime that is abrasive.

Final thoughts

If you are using a high-performance motorcycle or a new motorcycle use what the dealership recommends to keep your warranty valid.

For older motorcycles, prestone any vehicle antifreeze is a viable option and will do a great job at protecting your engine.

Always use distilled water if you mix your antifreeze. It will prevent you from introducing any abrasives into your cooling system and prevent deposit build-ups around the cooling ports.