Can you use Rain-X on a motorcycle helmet?

Do you find riding your motorcycle in the Rain a challenge due to reducing visibility from your helmet visor? Is there a safe product to use on my plastic helmet visor to help disperse rain droplets?

Yes, you can use Rain-X on your motorcycle visor. The plastic on your visor will not be degraded by using this product. When you ride, it helps clear retained droplets and improves your vision.

Improving your vision will affect your stopping distance. When riding in rain showers, Rain-X might be a worthwhile investment.

Is Rain-X safe for motorcycle helmets?

Rain-X manufactures a product suitable for plastics such as motorcycle helmet visors and incorporates a wide range of plastics such as Plexiglass, polycarbonate, Lexon and acrylic surfaces which covers most motorcycle helmets needs.

Applying Rain-X is a simple process. You can either spray directly to the visor and wipe off with a clean towel or spray directly to the towel and apply the Rain-X in this manner.

Rani-X advises not to apply and buff with a paper towel. The paper will absorb too much product reducing the performance of the Rain-X.

Once applied, you buff the visor until it is dry and streak-free. Ensuring the visor is correctly cleaned before applying Rai-X is vital to achieving the best results.

If you wish, you could check the product’s efficacy before riding your motorcycle by spraying the visor with water and gently blowing it on the visor to check for water dispersal.

The product has very little odour and is not toxic. If you check the materials safety data sheet that all chemicals require, there is no listing for the chemicals used. However, it’s safe to say Rain-X utilises silicon to achieve its water repellent results.

Can you use Rain-X anti-fog on my helmet visor? Yes. Make sure the inside of your visor is squeaky clean (which it should be at all times), and apply the anti-fog in a similar way you applied rain-X to the outside of your visor. The difference with the anti-fog is that you will not buff to a streak clear finish. 

Apply Rain-X anti-fog in one smooth motion. If it streaks, apply again. Let it dry, and you are ready to go. Again don’t use a paper towel. The paper absorbs the product compromising the finish and the product’s effectiveness.

Rani-X anti-fog should last a couple of months before applying the product again. If you notice any degradation in the product’s performance, re-apply another coat.

For the best results for your motorcycle helmet visor, use a combination of products from Rain-X products, disperse water from the outside of the visor and anti-fog for the inside to maximise the visibility of your visor during those showery days.

How do you attach Rain-X to a motorcycle helmet?

First, make sure your motorcycle helmet visor is free from debris and clean, wash with a mild detergent and then buff with a clean towel to dry and remove any streaks.

You can use one of two methods to apply rain-X to your motorcycle helmet visor. You can spray the product directly onto the clear visor and wipe it with a clean towel to completely cover the visor—no need for the product to dry, buff immediately to a streak clear finish.

Or apply the Rain- to a clean towel and apply to the visor in this manner. The second method probably gives you more control over the product and applies an even coating.

Once again, buff to a clear streak finish.

How do you keep the Rain off motorcycle helmet visors?

If you are in a rainstorm while riding, it is impossible to avoid rain droplets on your visor. If you’re not using a product like Rain-X, there are a couple of options.

You can buy a gadget from your motorcycle stockist, which is like a miniature windshield wiper blade that attaches to your glove. It works well, but you need to release one hand from your handlebars.

Turn your head to the side for a couple of seconds, and the oncoming wind will blow the water droplets from the visor, enabling you to see clearly.

You may decide to carry an absorbent cloth in your gear bag to wipe the rain droplets from the visor. Improvisation is sometimes the only option when caught in a rainstorm.

Can you use Rainx on a motorcycle windshield?

Yes. Rain-X works well at dispersing water and improving your vision when riding in the Rain. It’s a great idea to apply Rain-X to your windshield even if you look over the topmost of the time.

Is Rainx bad for your windshield? No. Rain-X was initially designed for repelling water from windshields and, as such, is a great product to use.

If there is a caveat, make sure the Rain-X is applied streak-free to maximise its effectiveness. Once applied to your windshield, rain-X will last for about three months, so the correct application is essential.

What can I use to clean my motorcycle windshield?

Whatever motorcycle you ride, if the windshield is dirty, it takes a lot away from the overall appearance of your motorcycle.

The best advice for cleaning a windshield is not to use any harsh detergents and chemicals, always use a clean cloth, and a soft clean cloth will give you the best results.

Never use paper towels to wipe down your windshield. If you have any debris on your windshield, the paper could cause a scratch in the glass.

If your windscreen is oily from the road, don’t be tempted to use alcohol to remove oil or tar. Alcohol will only cause damage, and if it drips on your paintwork, it could damage the paint.

If you need to remove tar from your windscreen, use a pot cleaning method instead of covering the whole screen with a chemical.

In most cases, you only need a mild detergent in cool water to remove any debris and dust from your motorcycle.