Can you use snow foam on a motorcycle?

Is snow foam good to use on a motorcycle? Will it get the dirt from the hard to get to nooks and crannies? Should you leave your motorcycle to soak in detergent?

Yes, use a snow foam that has been specially formulated for use on motorcycles. Check if the detergent is biodegradable and will not hurt the environment. Avoid jet washing and the use of powerful jets of water on your motorcycle.

Is snow foam safe for motorcycles?

Yes. The snow foam is safe for your motorcycle; it’s how you apply it that can cause problems.

You will be applying snow foam through a snow foam cannon ( a bottle attached to a pressure washer). When applying the snow foam, stay about 1 metre away from the motorcycle and keep the nozzle moving.

Keep moving. Under no circumstances hesitate to soap up one area more than the other. This will prevent any water or foam from entering the motorcycle’s electrics.

Cover the whole motorcycle and then crucially leave the snow foam to work and start breaking down the grime.

After the prescribed time, rinse the motorcycle off with a hose to remove all of the snow foam from every nook and cranny to avoid corrosive damage.

If you have a blower blowing off all the water, pay attention to those hard to get to places.

You can add any dressings you would typically use to make your motorcycle sparkle when this stage is complete.

Can you use a foam gun on a motorcycle?

Yes, it is safe to use a foam gun on a motorcycle with great care and attention. You will know that the snow foam gun is attached to your pressure washer.

Keep the pressure washer constantly moving at approximately 1 metre away from your motorcycle, deluge your motorcycle in the snow foam and then wait for the grime to dissolve.

When rinsing the motorcycle, use the same principle and keep the water moving to avoid water penetration to the electrics.

Is it worth using snow foam?

It’s a personal decision. Some motorcycle owners love to spend hours detailing their motorcycle while other motorcyclists find cleaning a chore.

The whole premise of snow foam is that the snow foam does all of the work. There is no need to scrub and detail with a brush; let the snow foam detergent work its magic and rinse off.

The snow foam should have dissolved the grime leaving your motorcycle blemish-free.

Does snow foam make a difference?

Yes, although a subjective question, snow foam makes cleaning your motorcycle hassle-free. Let’s not forget when we clean our motorcycles, sometimes it’s a cloudy grey day, and the best option is speed if we can achieve it.

Snow foam will shorten the cleaning time of your motorcycle significantly if you decide not to add polishes and start buffing your motorcycle to make it gleam.

Snow foam is a valuable tool to have when you need a quick through clean.