Can you use super glue for motorcycle grips?

Are you fitting new aftermarket grips to your motorcycle and feel worried they may slip? Is superglue a viable option for handlebar grips?

After you purchase a decent set of aftermarket handlebar grips, they shouldn’t slip, and you won’t need glue. Super glue, however, is an excellent way to secure handlebar grips.

You should apply the glue sparingly, so it doesn’t slop out, and it should fix the grips solidly.

What glue should I use for motorcycle grips?

You can’t understate the importance of having secure handlebar grips as a point of safety for any motorcycle rider.

There will come the point when your handlebar grips need replacing, so do you need to buy a specialist glue, or will good old super glue do the trick?

There are a few specialist types of glue on the market for securing handlebar grips, all with great reviews.

Gorilla clear grip contact glue is a good choice. It holds firm and is waterproof and weatherproof. It comes with an easy to use adapter that prevents applying excessive glue and creating a sticky mess.

You can use a super quality glue from someone like Loctite, which you know will be a reliable product.

Super Glue sticks to metal and rubber and will provide a secure fixing for your new handlebar grips.

How do you glue motorcycle grips?

First, you need to remove the old grips and clean the steel removing any old adhesive residues. You can do this with isopropyl alcohol, giving you a clean, grease-free surface.

Brake cleaner works very well and is more likely to be in your tool kit.

Don’t be tempted to use oil-based cleaners for obvious reasons. Any residue will affect the glue, and you may need to start the process again.

New handlebar grips will apparently be tight, and you will need to coax the grips on slowly to avoid damage. Some folks recommend the use of hair spray as a lubricant! Just take your time.

Once you have the grips almost on the handlebar, add a small amount of superglue and push the grip home. Leave to dry for 24 hours if possible to ensure the adhesion process is complete.

Do motorcycle grips need glue?

Not in all cases. Good aftermarket grips should fit the same as the OEM grips and be very tight. It is good practice to add a little super glue to ensure they never slip.

How do you glue heated grips?

It’s a case of following the same procedures but being aware that heated grips maybe a little more fragile because it has a heater element.

Once the handlebars are squeaky clean and free of old adhesive, apply super glue or a specialist glue in a thin layer across the handlebar. (Do each side separately).

Slide the heated grip into place and wait for the adhesive to cure for 24 hours before venturing out with your new heated grips.