Can you use tire shine on motorcycles?

Do you become envious looking at the slick, shiny tires on cars and wonder if you should do the same to your motorcycle tyres?

Under no circumstances do use tyre shine on your motorcycle tyres. Motorcycle tyres depend on a larger surface area for grip than car tyres. Anything that could introduce the possibility of slippy surface area on your motorcycle tyre could potentially be dangerous, especially when cornering.

Can you put tire shine on dirt bike tires?

The first question is, why would you want to? Look, the truth about tyre shine on motorcycle wheels is that it’s damn dangerous, particularly when cornering.

It would be easy to imagine that using tyre shine on a dirt bike would be less of a problem, but the truth is, why would you introduce any potential that could make you skid or cause your tyre to slip on a rock? When off-roading.

Tyre shine is slick and causes the tyre to become slippy. Unlike a car tyre, when cornering, you will bank the motorcycle over and use an area of rubber on the side of the tyre that needs to be fixed to the road surface.

It’s a dumb idea to use tyre shine on any motorcycle, so don’t do it.

Is it bad to use tire shine?

Tyre shine is going to make your tyres look slick and shiny. The problem is the tyre shine is slick and will cause you to lose grip when cornering.

Tyre shine is bad news for motorcycle tyres so, don’t be tempted to use these products in an attempt to make your motorcycle look even better than it does.

What can I use to clean motorcycle tires?

First, hit the tyres with a pressure washer to remove any caked-on debris, then good old soap and water work wonders. 

For the very best results, you can get in there with a detailing brush. You will be amazed at how good your tyres will look with a good scrub and a decent detergent.

If you use a detailing brush, you can reach the hard to get areas, and to be honest, if you take your time, your tyres will look as good as the day you first fitted them to the motorcycle.

Can you put Armor All on motorcycle tires?

No. Anything that will make your motorcycle tyres shine and look slick is going to be a potential hazard to you when you’re riding.

Tyre dressings put a surface coat on the tyre that looks great but for a biker, good turn out to be a bad decision.

Tyre dressings use silicon and other products that stay on the surface of the rubber. This renders the surface that is coated highly slippy. You may as well cover your tyres with a coating of grease.

Once you hit the corner, you will lose all grip once the tyre dressing hits the road resulting in a potentially dangerous accident.