Can you wear headphones on a motorcycle?

Do you feel that riding your motorcycle is a solitary experience despite the exhilaration and freedom you feel?

Yes, riding with headphones has been around since the likes of the Honda Goldwing started fitting radios in the console. If you have pillion passengers, you can have an interconnecting intercom to chat with your companion.

Is riding a motorcycle with headphones illegal?

No, it may not be the best idea as your hearing is already impaired with the padding in your helmet.

Hearing other motorists when you are riding your motorcycle is an important safety feature. However, when the larger motorcycles became popular, they were fitted with radio cassette audio systems linked to the helmet via a comms cable.

These were never outlawed, so one could argue that any attempt to restrict the use of headphones would be a draconian step.

Some purpose-designed headsets for communicating with your pillion passenger relieve some stress on longer journeys.

As for headphones, it’s going to be near impossible to find a set of headphones wafer-thin that will fit snugly inside your helmet.

Earbuds are a decent option for listening to music while riding your motorcycle; earbuds can provide some excellent sound quality while not fouling on the padding of your helmet.

Now here is the rub. If you wear it to have an accident that the police attend, they may consider using your earbuds and listening to music as a significant contribution to your accident.

You can be summoned to court for driving without due care and attention if this happens.

If you are travelling to the US and intend to ride a motorcycle, be aware that different states have different laws and riding with headphones could see you in deep water.

Can you listen to headphones on a motorcycle?

Yes, you can. Earbuds are more common, and as a point of safety, it is recommended you only wear one earbud. One earbud will allow you to listen while you have one ear on the road as to say.

There are many reasons you might want to listen to music while riding. Riding a motorcycle alone along a straight road can be pretty tedious, and a little company from your favourite singer or band would be appreciated.

If you have tried wearing earbuds while wearing a helmet, you will know how annoying it is to gently squeeze on your helmet while trying not to dislodge your earbuds.

Then threading the wire to your MP3 player can be almost as torturous.

Some pretty fabulous flat headphones velcro to the padding in your helmet. Flat speakers work well connecting via Bluetooth for a seamless experience and cables that will not distract you.

However, there are times when you need to have maximum concentration, so it’s advisable to turn off the music when you are riding on technical roads that could become challenging if you are not concentrating.