How common is it to drop a motorcycle?

Have you dropped your motorcycle more than a couple of times recently and wondered what is going on?

We all experience it sometimes more frequently than we would like to admit. Motorcycles, when at rest, naturally tend to follow gravity rather than pivot on a fulcrum point. Once the motorcycle reaches the point of no return, it can only go down!

Does dropping a motorcycle ruin it?

It depends on your interpretation of ruin? If you have a new motorcycle and drop it, you can expect some superficial damage like some visible scratches, even a broken mirror.

In terms of ruining the performance of your motorcycle, it has not impacted anything. Still, cosmetically you may want to head to the repair shop for some remedial work to cover the scratches.

If you drop your motorcycle with a ready-made audience to view your mishap, then the erosion of confidence can be more significant than the damage to the motorcycle.

If you are forced to drop your motorcycle when riding, then the damage can be extensive and needs to be repaired in a shop under an insurance claim.

What causes you to drop a motorcycle?

Lack of experience, improper throttle control, loss of balance when at a standstill.

Turning at low speed can be a significant cause of dropping your motorcycle on its side. Applying the brake or not applying enough throttle can see you lose balance creating unavoidable tipping of the motorcycle past the point of no return.

This situation can happen to any level of rider. It happens for no good reason from time to time but happens more to an inexperienced rider.

How often do we pull up to a standstill at lights or in traffic? You put your foot down only to find a gravel or grit surface, your foot slips and the next thing you know. You are fighting a losing battle to keep your motorcycle off the road surface.

Does everyone fall on a motorcycle?

At some point in your riding history, you will fall, regardless of how skilled and proficient a rider you are.

It happens to the best of us from time to time and sometimes more frequently than is admitted.

It seems to happen more on roads that you are unfamiliar with, roads you travel daily you get to know like the back of your hand, every pothole, manhole cover and surface that could present a problem.

If someone tells you they have never dropped their motorcycle, they have either not been riding very long or ride once in a blue moon for an hour on Sunday morning.

How often do you fall on a motorcycle?

This shouldn’t become a habit and score bragging points, so it’s hard to say how frequently you can drop your motorcycle.

If you are inexperienced and riding on unfamiliar roads, maybe a couple of times a year would be the average frequency for dropping your motorcycle.