Can you break in a corner on a motorcycle?

Does braking in a corner make you nervous? With so many motorcyclists coming off their motorcycles in corners, is it possible to brake safely should the need arise?

Yes, you brake in a corner, but you need to be careful. Inevitably at some time, your speed is going to be a little too fast for the corner, so you need to brake. The key is not to panic and apply gentle braking to the front brake.

Should you brake while cornering?

You can guess that braking while the motorcycle is leaning over could potentially present some problems. This will be your best option if you can brake while the motorcycle is vertical.

The truth is it’s about speed control. If you are leaning at speed into a corner and come across a patch of gravel or mud or, god forbid, a stopped vehicle, then your options have just been reduced to hope for the best.

If you need to brake in a corner, try to have as much tyre profile on the asphalt as possible, You can achieve this by progressive braking. If you snatch at the brake, the equilibrium of your motorcycle will be disturbed. 

You can only brake in a corner with progressive braking. If your front wheel slips, then your chances of recovering grip are non-existent, and your motorcycle will slide away from you.

How do you brake in a corner?

Cautiously! Look, if you head into a bling corner at speed, you are asking for trouble. If you can’t see your exit route and think ahead, you are riding by the skin of your teeth.

If you find your speed too high as you enter a corner, use gently progressive braking to stay in control of your motorcycle.

Checking your speed with your rear brake is a good idea. By applying the rear brake, you will not alter the motorcycle’s geometry very much, which makes the rear brake a valuable tool for braking in a corner.

Of course, if you find yourself in an emergency braking situation, avoid laying your motorcycle down, steel has no grip, and while you have some grip, there is a chance you can find a way out.

Bance braking gives up to 40% shorter stopping distance. With a combination of feathering your front brake and applying your rear brake with engine braking, you just might pull it off.

Can you break in a turn on a motorcycle?

It’s challenging, and turns should be taken slowly with enough vigilance from the rider not to put yourself in a braking situation.

If you are in a trite turn at low speed, you might find yourself i9n trouble as the motorcycle’s geometry is compromised.

Can I use the rear brake in a corner?

Yes, 100% use your rear brake when braking in a corner. Using your rear brake will not upset the motorcycle’s balance and is a valuable tool for slowing in a corner. Balanced braking will give the very best results.