Can you wear a dirt bike helmet on a motorcycle?

Is it vital to swap your helmet when riding a dirt bike? Is your road helmet going to give you more protection than a dirt bike helmet?

It depends if it has the correct certification from DOT, Snell. If the dirt bike helmet has the correct certification, you can wear it on the road, but is it a good idea? The two helmets are very different in design, and the dirt bike helmet may become uncomfortable on the road.

Can you ride a motorcycle with a dirtbike helmet?

Helmets, in general, are sophisticated these days and are purposely designed to give maximum protection in the event of an accident.

Motorcycle helmets are quieter due to their aerodynamic design and padding. The motorcycle helmet has a wide angle of vision.

Dirt bike helmets are designed to withstand mud clumps and rocks but not high-speed impacts.

Also, dirt bike helmets do not have a visor requiring the rider to wear goggles for eye protection. 

However, some dirt bike helmets have the required DOT certificate for on-road use. If you are unsure, check the labelling on the helmet.

Can you wear a motocross helmet on the road?

Is it a good idea if it has the proper certification for use on the road?

Motorcycle helmets are designed for specific purposes and levels of protection. The motocross helmet has a peak visor. This peak is used to prevent sunlight from blinding the rider.

The peak also stops flying debris from hitting the rider.

If the helmet is certified for road use, the rider will notice that any speed above 50 mph will strain the rider’s neck as the peak acts as a sail and catches the oncoming air, forcing the helmet backwards.

Are dirt bike helmets the same as motorcycle helmets?

Yes. Dirt bike helmets are durable, lightweight materials, sometimes less than 3lbs in weight. Although the dirt bike helmet is durable and protects the rider, it’s not the same as a motorcycle helmet.

Motorcycle helmets are streamlined and aerodynamic to give the on-road motorcycle rider a quiet ride.

Motorcycle helmets are designed to take impacts to the front and side of the skull at speed, whereas the dirt bike helmet is designed to deal with flying debris.

Can you wear any helmet on a motorcycle?

No. Motorcycle helmets are designed for specific purposes and undergo testing for those purposes.

All helmets must have a certification for their use; the motorcycle helmet must meet the Snell certification requirements for road use.

Motocross helmets may have the certification, but it’s not a helpful helmet for most motorcycles in practical terms. And vice versa, the motorcycle helmet would not perform well on a motocross circuit.

If you are in any doubt about where you can wear your helmet, check the certification marks on the back of the helmet.