Do motorcycle boots break-in?

Do your motorcycle boots feel stiff and rub on pressure points? Is there an easy solution to fix this problem? 

Yes, you may have to break in your new motorcycle boots. Often new boots are stiff but should never feel over tight or uncomfortable or rub. You can use leather conditioners to make the leather supple or use stretchers to put some movement into the leather.

Should motorcycle boots be tight?

They should not be loose. Higher length boots can be a little tight when new, but the leather will give with use.

When you try on motorcycle boots, your foot needs to feel secure, and you should have some wiggle room for your toes.

If your foot slides around, the boot is too big for you. In some cases, you may find yourself being in-between sizes if you find a suitable insole to take up the additional space for your foot to fit the boot.

How long does it take for boots to break in?

It depends on how often you wear the boots. It’s essential to wear the boots and walk around, giving the boots a chance to break-in. You can shorten the process by using a suitable leather treatment to make the leather subtle and a better fit.

Use rubbing alcohol. Rubbing alcohol will soften leather over time, and you may just find the perfect amount of giving for you using this method.

There is no need to soak the boot with alcohol but use enough for the leather to absorb. Walk around and wear the boots for a reasonable time, so the leather gives a little.

For a minimal cost, you can use a cobbler to give you the stretch needed to make your motorcycle boots fit perfectly.

Can you walk around in motorcycle boots?

Yes, you can walk around in motorcycle boots. However, the boot is not meant for hiking. It’s meant to offer protection to your feet in the event of an accident.

Motorcycle boots can be restrictive in movement. This is intentional from the manufacturer. In an accident, your foot can flex tearing muscles and tendons without breaking bones.

By restricting the flex of your foot, the boot is protecting you from injury.

There are trendy motorcycle boots on the market that can be worn casually with jeans or formal trousers, but remember the purpose of your motorcycle boot and don’t compromise safety and protection over fashion.

Are motorcycle boots comfortable?

Your motorcycle boots should be comfortable when you are riding your motorcycle. If your boots are uncomfortable, you have the wrong boot for your foot.

Motorcycle boots are primarily designed for protection, and aesthetics is a secondary consideration. Having said that, boots are taking on contemporary designs for a more practical multiple-use than just riding your motorcycle.

However, you can find great looking motorcycle boots that fit all occasions but don’t expect to be walking miles or hiking in motorcycle boots. They are not designed for that kind of use.