Do motorcycle DB killers work?

Is your motorcycle so loud you worry about your neighbours and if you are street legal? Are you getting an advisory on your MOT regarding the noise level?

Yes. DB killers work and reduce the sound level from the exhaust system marginally. DB killers are usually installed by removing the original baffle and inserting them into the rear of the exhaust. The noise level changes when DB is measured since DB is not linear.

Do fitting DB killers affect performance?

Yes, a DB killer restricts some of the gas being exhausted from your motorcycle. Once you introduce any restriction into an exhaust pipe, you can expect a drop in performance.

However, you may consider the trade-off worthwhile if your neighbours are not complaining. It’s also true you can get a ticket for having loud exhaust, and it will attract the attention of the police, which will inevitably put your motorcycle under greater scrutiny.

It is suggested that fitting DB killers can increase the temperature of the exhaust pipe, which will decrease the performance of your motorcycle and possibly cause you to burn your boots.

How do motorcycle DB killers work?

You usually find DB killers are fitted to aftermarket exhausts as they can be incredibly noisy. OE exhausts comply with the laws for noise in the country they are sold.

The max exhaust noise in the UK is 84 dB, which is pretty loud.

The DB killer or decibel killer works by offering further attenuation of the sound waves from the exhaust pipe.

At the same time as smoothing out some of those loud noise waves, the DB killer also reduces some of the gas coming from the exhaust pipe, which in essence muffles the exhaust.

Does a DB killer reduce power?

Yes. One of the most irritating things about DB killers is they cause a power reduction. If you fit and feel a stifled acceleration, you know what the cause is. To prove the cause, remove the DB killer, and your motorcycle’s engine performance will return.

The DB killer is a compromise between riding legally or riding illegally. It is easy to run the gauntlet day in day out in the hope you will not get stopped by the police, but, inevitably, you will be stopped and issued a fine.

What is the use of DB killer?

If you have an aftermarket exhaust system fitted to your motorcycle, the chances are your motorcycle is operating outside its original OE specifications.

You may have even gained a few extra horsepowers and enjoyed the better top-end performance. However, your motorcycle may not be roadworthy due to the excessive noise from the exhaust.

A DB killer is a simple device you insert into your exhaust system within minutes to reduce the noise from the exhaust. The DB Killer has no other function than reducing noise and attenuating those decibels from your motorcycle.