Do motorcycle frames come with titles?

Are you worried that the frame you have bought does not have a title? Can you legally use the frame for your motorcycle?

You’ll not receive a title unless you purchase a motorcycle frame from a dealer or OE manufacturer. Instead, you’ll receive an MSO (manufacturer’s statement of origin). Your MSO proves that you have a new frame.

Before a VIN can be issued, you must register the vehicle with the DVLA.

Do aftermarket motorcycle frames come with titles?

No, they have a manufacturer statement of origin that proves the frame is not stolen and can be used legitimately for your motorcycle.

Once everything is in order with the paperwork, the DVLA will issue you a Motorcycle Single Vehicle Approval. Don’t forget you will need to update your V5C logbook with the DVLA to be completely road legal.

Do new motorcycle frames come with a VIN?

No. You only get a VIN number if you purchased a complete motorcycle from a dealer or a used sale. You should check the VIN from a used sale that matches the VIN on the V5C.

New motorcycle frames are either for building custom motorcycles or replacing a bent frame on a salvage motorcycle purchased from an insurance company.

Because your frame will be used together with parts from an existing motorcycle, it is impossible to issue a unique VIN to the frame.

Instead, the frame manufacturer will issue you with a manufacturer’s certificate of origin, which proves the frame is genuine and not stolen.

You will need to take your new frame documents to the DVLA for inspection, including proof of payment and all other documents. 

After the motorcycle is built, DVLA will again inspect the motorcycle for roadworthiness and compliance with UK laws. After completing satisfactorily, you will be issued a Motorcycle Single Vehicle Approval. Now you can update your logbook.

What can you do with a motorcycle with no title?

First, if you buy a motorcycle without a title, check if the vehicle is stolen. Many apps give you all kinds of incredible data, including if the prospective motorcycle has been stolen in the UK or Europe.

You can then apply for a V5 from the DVLA, which will say you are the registered keeper and owner of this motorcycle.

The V5C, to all intents and purposes, is the title of the motorcycle; it’s essential to always keep all of the documentation of the purchase on file to prove you did purchase the motorcycle legitimately and you paid for it correctly.

What is the frame of a motorcycle called?

Motorcycle frames are sometimes referred to as the core, but in most cases, the motorcycle frame is widely used so that you can afford any confusion.