Do motorcycle prices go down in the winter?

Are you looking to get a great deal on a new motorcycle and feel winter is the best time for you to make that big purchase?

Yes, motorcycles decrease in value over the winter months as sales demand drops. Also, manufacturers bring in new models for the following year, which suppresses the price of new motorcycles.

Is winter the best time to buy a motorcycle?

Winter can be a great time to get the best deal on a new motorcycle as fewer folks are thinking about riding a new motorcycle with snow and ice on the roads.

Also, new stock with new year updates is being sent to the dealers for the new season, which suppresses the price of last year’s model.

If you are not hung up on having the newest motorcycle on the block with all the new bells and gadgets, this is the perfect time to secure a deal for a new motorcycle, albeit last year’s model.

If you have your heart set on the latest motorcycle, wait until late spring, when most new motorcycle sales have been completed.

Often dealerships will offer discounts to get their inventory moving out of the door instead of sitting in a showroom.

What is the best time of year to buy a motorbike?

It depends on what you want to achieve. If you are more than fine with riding last year’s model, then buying a new motorcycle in the winter presents you with an opportunity to secure a great deal.

However, if you want the newest model, you should wait until springtime. Most new motorcycle sales will have been completed by this time, and dealers want to turn over inventory. 

There may be some incentives from the manufacturer to sweeten the deal, so the year for buying a new bike varies.

Some riders are quite happy to have last year’s model and a big discount. If you look at resale values, the year of the model has a little impact, particularly if you will be keeping the motorbike for some years ahead.

What is the best month to sell a motorcycle?

Is there ever a good month to sell your motorcycle? Selling a motorcycle is difficult for many motorcyclists and a real wrench to part with a trusted machine.

The best time to sell your motorcycle is in the spring, when the weather is starting to get warm, and people show more interest in riding when the weather is warm.

So, March to May is the ideal time to sell your motorcycle. Springtime is a time for new things. Having spent the winter months stuck indoors and the notion of warm wind rushing by is an enticing thought for a motorcycle rider.

If you are undecided about selling or not, don’t wait until the autumn to decide you will possibly be left with your motorcycle for another year!