Do motorcycle tickets affect car insurance?

What will happen if you inform your car insurance company you just received a ticket for speeding on your motorcycle?

Some insurance companies do not count the tickets you have received on your motorcycle, leaving your car insurance unscathed. However, this seems to be individual policies and not a broad sweeping statement covering all insurance companies.

What should I do if I receive a ticket on my motorcycle?

If you have been snapped on a camera speeding or committing another driving offence, you could follow the issue through to court as you are entitled to.

Take the issue of speeding, you could protest you were not speeding, and the camera is not collaborated correctly and ask for the evidence of collaboration.

Inevitably the police will come up with the goods, and your relatively small fine will now incur court costs.

If you are adamant, you will need to use a solicitor and then a barrister who specialises in these types of offences.

If the ticket you are fighting is to prevent a ban from totting up points, then this may be something you wish to pursue.

Will a ticket for a motorcycle traffic offence affect your car insurance premium?

This is where the situation becomes complex, and it’s worth shopping around and asking the pertinent questions of the insurance companies.

The answer is no. It’s not a problem, then you have hit the traffic offence jackpot. But what happens if it is an issue? Should you disclose all traffic offences to your insurance company?

The truth is when you take out insurance for your motorcycle or car; you enter into a contract with the insurance company. Part of that contract requires you to be transparent, answer questions honestly, and not misrepresent any information.

Should you decide not to disclose any traffic offences you have been prosecuted for, you could be left high and dry in the event of a claim.

When an insurance company declines a claim due to misrepresentation, they will not pick up the repair costs for your vehicle and the vehicle making a claim against you, which means you are not insured.

Coming clean after the event

Coming clean after an accident will not cut any ice with an insurance company. They are fully aware that they will never hear from you again when your premium comes up for renewal.

You could make the case that it was an unintentional error on your part and throw yourself at the mercy of the insurance company, but in these cases, it’s like closing the gate after the horse bolted.


Whenever you get a ticket on a motorcycle or car, it is incumbent on you to inform the insurance company.

There may be an additional small premium if the traffic offence is straightforward speeding. Still, you should allow the insurance company to make this assessment, allowing you to remain on the right side of the law.