Do Motorcycle Turn Signals Have To Be Amber?

Are you travelling from state to state with your motorcycle? You need to brush up on turn signal laws.

Yes, in the UK and Europe, turn signals on the front and rear of your motorcycle need to be amber. In the US, the laws are different, and you may see red or amber, but it depends on state laws. Amber is a safe bet for most states. The front turn sgnals should be white or amber in the US.

Do turn signals have to be amber?

Yes.  In the UK and Europe, your turn signals will be amber. If you travel to the US or Canada, turn signals can be red or amber in North America and Canada. There has always been some ambiguity regarding the colour of rear turning signals for motorcycles and cars.

Both amber and red are in use; however, some states specify which they wish to use, creating even more confusion.

So, as a rule of thumb, you can safely use amber turning signals on the rear of your motorcycle with fear of being pulled over and receiving a ticket.

Can a motorcycle have red turn signals?

For the Uk and European markets, all indicators or turn signals are ambers. But everything changes when we cross the pond!

Ambiguity was mentioned! Yes, you can use red turning signals. However, if you are crossing into a different state, it is best to check online and understand the local laws regarding turning signals.

It goes without saying we are talking only about the rear of your motorcycle. The front of your motorcycle will need to be equipped with either white or amber turning signals to comply with traffic laws.

The colour of your turn signal can be confused with your brake light, and in some circumstances, red turn signals are not the best colour to be used.

If your turn signals can be confused with brake light, it is advisable to change the lens over and go amber.

Amber turn signals are universally accepted as the correct colour for indicating your turning intentions.

Can you have white turn signals?

Again traffic laws are very strict for the Uk and European markets, and the only permissible colour for indicators is amber. However, in the US and Canada, things are different.

Federal laws state that lights on the front of your motorcycle have to be either white, amber or yellow. No red lights are allowed on the front of your motorcycle.

Federal law also states you must have at least one illuminated light that is either white, yellow, or amber visible from 200 feet.

White and amber light is deemed to be extremely visible and are perfect for turn signals. However, it is permissible to use only red and amber lights at the motorcycle’s rear.

White turning signals on the rear of a motorcycle could create some confusion about the direction of travel. Hence, your lights also become navigational to other riders and drivers on the road.

Do motorcycle turn signals have to be amber?

To recap, in the UK and Europe, laws dictate we can only use amber indicators, front and rear. However, everything changes when you drive in North America. The front signal turning lights can be, white, yellow, or amber. The rear turning signal light on your motorcycle can be red or amber.

This goes for most states, but if you are unsure, you can get online and check the traffic laws for the state.

Make sure your turning signal bulbs are working before you travel.