Do motorcycle wind deflectors work?

Do you get buffered by the wind when riding at speed? Do wind deflectors and fairings work sufficiently enough to consider fitting to your motorcycle?

When riding a motorcycle, wind deflectors prevent buffeting from the air pressure. Deflectors and fairings will also keep road grime and debris away from the rider, making the experience more pleasant and safer.

Do motorcycle windshield deflectors work?

Yes, but not all motorcycle riders like windshields. A windshield is an excellent way to protect you from wind buffeting that can become tiresome on a long journey and can cause fatigue.

The windshield will deflect lightweight debris and bugs away from the rider and protect the rider from buffeting.

Motorcycle riders debate whether a windshield deflector hinders your vision. For sure, if you are not accustomed to a windshield deflector, then riding with one will take time to get used to. So what’s not to like?

It is reasonable to see the argument from both sides that the rugged outline of a windshield deflector could be distracting and not offer a clear view of the road ahead.

The trade-off is to be battered by the wind at high speed and become fatigued. Be hit by every bug on the route and every other piece of debris heading your way. But have a clear view of the road ahead.

How do you fix wind buffeting on a motorcycle?

Wind dynamics will have you mesmerised. By fitting leg fairings on your motorcycle, you can eliminate almost all wind buffeting!

However, if you have a poorly adjusted windshield, then buffeting can be excessive, especially if the wind is hitting you directly under your helmet.

Making minor adjustments to the fairings can make a big difference. Unfortunately, it is trial and error unless you go for a full fairing.

Taller riders have a difficult time adjusting the windshield to give a laminar flow over the head of the rider and, in some cases, have no choice but to live with the turbulence created at highway speeds.

How effective are motorcycle windshields?

Sometimes they are not effective, and here is why. It depends on the type of motorcycle you ride. The air will wrap around the windshield and create a vacuum if you are a long way from the windshield. 

Once you hit this scenario, the buffeting from the turbulence may get worse. It’s all about adjustment and finding what’s suitable for you. You may even need to change your windshield to get the desired results.

Does a motorcycle windshield make a difference?

In general, a motorcycle windshield will protect the rider from wind turbulence if the windshield is adjusted correctly.

However, some factory fitted windshields leave a lot to be desired when protecting from wind buffeting and could be considered a purely cosmetic addition to the motorcycle.