Do motorcycles have to pay tolls?

If you have a toll road or toll bridge on your route, can you get away without paying, or do you need to have a pocket full of change to pay the toll fee?

Yes. In the UK, cars and motorcycles must pay toll road and toll bridge fees. If you skip the toll, you will be prosecuted by the police. There are anomalies such as FasTrak in California that allow motorcycles to escape the toll fee in certain counties.

Are toll roads free for motorcycles?

It depends on which country you are in. Riding your motorcycle in the UK through a toll plaza means you have to pay the fee.

Although the fee is not the same as cars and trucks, you will still have to pay to use the bridge or the road.

The toll fee is said to go toward the upkeep of the road or bridge, and you can assume the wages of the staff operating the toll booths.

Tolls for motorcycles are not that expensive, and they can be checked on Gov.UK for the rates.

Some toll roads like the M6 toll road use varying toll fees based on the time of day you use the toll road. But, the maximum you will pay is 3.30 pounds thirty pence.  

Do motorbikes have to pay tolls in the UK?

Yes, they do. Although motorcycle toll fees are significantly lower than cars and trucks, they still need to be paid if you use the toll road.

Toll roads are convenient ways of escaping congested areas such as the M6 motorway toll. They are worth the fee to save time and frustration.

Other toll roads and bridges like the Severn bridge leave you with very little choice depending on what part of the country you are travelling from. If you are travelling from the south, you have no other option in reality.

However, the motorcycle fee is substantially lower than other vehicles, so it’s well worth the small fee for convenience.

You can apply for a tag which is an RFID tag fitted to your screen, you pay in advance, and the barrier automatically lifts when you approach the toll. You save 5 % but pay 1 pound per month to rent the tag!

Do motorcycles have to pay bridge tolls in California?

Yes, motorcycles can take advantage of the FasTrak system in the bay area. It’s a little complicated, and FasTrak doesn’t do a great job communicating the best way to use the service for free.

You will need to pre-register and receive your RFID unit attached to your motorcycle. However, can you use HOV lanes? Yes, and it’s free.

When you receive your FasTrak Flex on the back, there is a switch with 1,2 and 3. Select three, which will allow you to use any lane for free.

You can’t use the free toll roads without the FasTrak RFID, so register and save some dollars.