Do motorcycles need mirrors?

Is the lack of information regarding the use of mirrors on a motorcycle confusing? Is the information for the MOT tester correct?

Road Vehicles and Construction Regulations 1968 clarifies that there is no legal requirement to have mirrors on your motorcycle. However, you need them for an MOT test. They are checked for functionality, broken or degraded, and you need them to pass.

Can you drive a motorcycle without mirrors?

Yes. It is legal for you not to have mirrors on your motorcycle. The laws for this can be found (or not even mentioned ) in the Road Vehicles and Construction Regulations 1968.

If you view the legislation on Gov. UK, you will find no specific entry regarding motorcycle mirrors which negates the need for their use on a motorcycle.

There is a quirk in the law. If your motorcycle is fitted with mirrors, it will become part of the MOT check. If they are broken, you will need to repair the mirrors before issuing an MOT.

If you remove the mirrors before the MOT, your MOT will be issued if the rest of your motorcycle meets the test standards.

Can you get a ticket for no mirrors? No, the police have no authority to issue a ticket if you do not have mirrors on your motorcycle. The legislation is easy to remember should you come across a rookie traffic cop who is overzealous.

The problem with not having rearview mirrors on a motorcycle is you will never know if there is traffic police following you invariably. They will wait for you to make a mistake and then issue a ticket for that offence.

However, the question of rearview mirrors comes down to safety and riding without a rearview mirror becomes more hazardous.

Even track motorcycles utilise rearview mirrors so. It’s unsure if the legislation will be changed at some point to incorporate rearview mirrors.

There is a strong argument that rearview mirrors should be standard equipment on motorcycles to keep the rider safe.

Does a motorcycle need mirrors for an MOT?

NO. You are not required to have rearview mirrors on a motorcycle for an MOT. The legislation is in the Road Vehicle and Construction Regulations 1968. You can read the legislation at Gov.UK.

However, if your motorcycle is fitted with a rearview mirror, the MOT tester will inspect the mirrors to ensure they are functional. If the mirrors are cracked or defective in any way, your motorcycle will not be issued with an MOT certificate!

If it’s not law, how can the tester deny your MOT certificate for rearview mirrors? If your motorcycle is fitted with mirrors, they have to be functional and do what they are designed to do, let you view traffic at your rear.

It’s just one of those odd quirks that we have to accept; if your mirrors are broken or defective, remove them before you MOT your motorcycle if you wish for them not to be part of the MOT test.

Do motorbikes need wing mirrors?

There are no requirements for rearview mirrors of any type in the UK at this point. The legislation does not consider the need for motorcycle rearview mirrors, and hence it’s not required by law to use your motorcycle on a UK road or highway.

Are wing mirrors a legal requirement in the UK? No. There is no need for any mirror to be used on your motorcycle. The legislation is straightforward and can be checked at Gov.UK for clarification.

Almost all motorcycles are fitted with rearview mirrors unless you are riding a vintage motorcycle that was never fitted initially with rearview mirrors.

If your motorcycle was fitted with mirrors from the manufacturer, it’s good advice to leave them in place. Removing mirrors only reduces your safety.

Do motorcycles have to have rearview mirrors?

No. Motorcycles do not have to have rearview mirrors in the UK. The Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) 1968 legislation does not require rearview mirrors on a motorcycle.

The police cannot issue a road traffic ticket, and there is no offence. If the police try to nick you for no mirrors, you can quote the legislation and ask a supervisor to attend.

What are motorcycle mirrors called?

The name for motorcycle mirrors in the UK mirrors. However, the mirror’s shape and mounting will offer more definition to the shape and the mounting type required.

You can find under-bar mirrors designed to be fitted and used under the handlebar. These are designed to be less intrusive.

Bar-end mirrors that fit the end of the handlebars provide great rearview and eliminate some blind spots that conventional handlebar mirrors can cause.

Because of the mirror’s location, they are susceptible to being knocked and banged when parked, which makes them vulnerable to damage.

You can buy kite mirrors, trapezium mirrors, and so many more that refer to the shape of the mirror and nothing else. Of course, you can get standard square and round mirrors that will fit on your handlebars.

This is an interesting question that can only be answered in one way. There are no requirements for mirrors in the UK to be fitted to any motorcycle.

Given the legislation, you can pretty much use whichever mirror your heart desires or not even bother fitting a mirror. You will be road legal, whichever option you choose.

This is not to say that the legislation is not available for change. It could be changed at any time with rider safety in mind.

Until the legislation is changed, you are free to have any mirror design you would like or even remove the mirrors of your motorcycle.