Do you need turn signals on a motorcycle?

Do all motorcycles need turn signals? They must cause extra air turbulence affecting the handling of the motorcycle. What’s wrong with using hand signals and getting rid of your indicators?

Your annual MOT checklist includes direction indicators. All motorcycles in the UK are required to have directional indicators, and amber light covers front and rear. You may be surprised to learn that this law applies to off-road motorcycles as well.

Do you have to have blinkers on a motorcycle?

Because other names can know directional indicators, let’s establish we are talking about the same thing. Directional indicators, also called indicators, are sometimes called repeaters and blinkers. These other names refer to directional indicators.

Blinkers are required to ride your motorcycle in the UK; even off-road motorcycles are surprisingly required to have blinkers as standard equipment.

It would be reasonable to expect that if you own a competition motorcycle that is never used on a UK road, there would be an exemption, besides who will be checking as you charge around a dirt track!

If you ride your motorcycle on the highway, a and b roads, then you need blinkers that blink an amber light front and rear to make your intentions of turning clear to other motorists.

Yes. It is a legal requirement, and all motorcycles sold in the UK will be fitted with indicators with amber bulb covers or amber bulbs to indicate the rider’s intention of turning left or right. In addition, all indicators can flash in unison to indicate a hazard, also known as hazard lights.

Do motorcycles need front turn signals?

Yes. Turn signals on your motorcycle are a UK requirement for riding your motorcycle on the road. Your motorcycle will not pass an MOT without turn signals.

Can you use hand signals instead of blinkers on a motorcycle?

Hand or arm signals are a valuable addition to reinforce your intentions if you feel the road condition warrants using hand or arm signals.

Let’s face it. Sometimes when we ride, a blinker can fail for some reason. This is the time to deploy hand or arm signals. Make sure you know the basics. At the very least, it could get you out of a sticky situation.

Do all motorcycles have blinkers?

All road-legal motorcycles have blinkers. If you do not have blinkers, you are invited to be pulled over by the police, who will inevitably give you a ticket for the road traffic offence.

Competition bikes that are never used on the highway would not need blinkers and could be viewed as a hazard with the protruding blinker stems.

Trials bikes do not need blinkers as they are never used on the highway.

If you want to ride your motorcycle on a UK road, you will need fully functioning blinkers to be road legal.