Are Doc Martens Good For Motorcycle Riding?

Do you just love your comfortable Doc Martens and think they would make the ideal motorcycle boot? This article covers the pros and cons of using the boot as your everyday gear.

Doc Martens are not suitable for riding a motorcycle. Doc Martens are a style of boot or shoe that offers comfort and style. However, the leather is soft and would tear in an accident. Also, the soft soles may provide too much grip if you fall off your motorcycle, causing you to flip rather than slide.

Do bikers wear Doc Martens?

No, not for riding. Doc Martens may be worn when bikers are not riding their motorcycles and going for a beer.

Doc martens may look substantial, and in terms of available footwear, they are substantial, but the problem comes that they are lace-up and take time to put on.

A high leg boot takes forever to lace, and who has the time other than a member of a militia group trying to look intimidating.

Motorcycle boots are specifically designed to provide comfort when riding and, more importantly, protection in the event of an accident.

Bikers boots are made from rigid materials that can withstand all weather conditions while being breathable.

Bikers boots come with the protection needed in an accident, shin protectors and a rugged rigid design.

In comparison, Doc Martens offer no protection for the elements and would soon be rendered useless when riding in the rain.

Are any boots good for motorcycle riding?

Yes, boots are great for motorcycle riding but buy purposely designed boots. A purpose-designed boot is going to offer comfort and protection to the rider.

Inevitably when you ride your bike, you will be caught out by the weather, so you will need a boot that is waterproof, breathable, and is sturdy enough to withstand anything the climate can throw at it.

You need ankle and shin protection, and with advanced materials, the bike rider boots are state of the art at protecting your lower leg in the event of an accident.

Your biker boots will come with shin guards and sufficient ankle support. More expensive boots are fitted with kevlar for lightweight protection and ultimate riding comfort.

Can you ride a motorcycle with work boots?

Yes. In some cases, work boots can make good riding boots. However, there is an adjustment time to get familiar with the boots and operate the gear shift and brakes with any new footwear.

It’s best not to have the laces exposed. Constant wind across the laces can cause the laces to come undone and pose hazards like when putting your bike on its stand. If the lace is wrapped around the gear lever, then you could be in for a fall.

Work boots do not offer negative shin protection, so choose when you wear your work boots over real bike riding boots.