Does a motorcycle battery charge while idling?

Are you expecting your motorcycle battery to have a full charge after leaving your motorcycle idling for some time?

Yes, your motorcycle battery charges while the engine is idling. When idling, its amp output is only around 1 amp compared to 15 amps when riding at high revs. So, it doesn’t charge much.

How long should I idle my motorcycle to charge the battery?

If the battery is depleted of charge, it will take forever, and you will have problems with your motorcycle overheating due to the lack of airflow across the exhaust and engine.

If you were travelling at high revs, your alternator would have an output of approximately 14.5 amps. At this output, it would take a couple of hours to charge the battery to a state where you could rely on its power output.

Idling is possibly the worst way to charge your battery. If you need a charge, jump on your motorcycle and ride for a couple of hours, at least an hour, to ensure your battery is charging.

Charging with 1 amp is pretty useless.

Does your battery charge while idling?

Technically yes. Your motorcycle’s electrical system is designed to maintain power to all of the needs of the motorcycle and not be used as a battery charger.

Forget charging your battery at idling speeds. You are potentially causing other damage to your motorcycle through the heat build-up.

Using this method to increase the revs by winding open the throttle occasionally will charge your battery faster.

Does running your motorcycle charge the battery?

Yes, regular use of your motorcycle will keep your battery charged and in good condition. Your battery will charge faster at a higher rev range.

Without running your motorcycle frequently, your battery will inevitably lose charge. Running your motorcycle keeps a constant charge on your battery, ensuring trouble-free starting.

The mechanics of charging a battery on a motorcycle are similar to that of a car alternator. The motorcycle has a stator that does the same job as an alternator.

A good stator will have an output range of 10 to 14.5 of A/C power. The regulator changes that to DC for your battery to be charged.

There is a misconception that the stator starts the motorcycle, but it does not. Your battery has the sole function of providing the start-up power for the motorcycle.

What keeps a motorcycle battery charged?

The stator keeps the motorcycle battery charged. The stator generates electricity that feeds the battery of the motorcycle. It’s an integral part of the motorcycle and is often overlooked.

Its operation is simple. When the motorcycle starts, the battery releases the required amount of power. The stator keeps up with the power needed to replenish the battery when the motorcycle is running.

Often a bad battery can be directly linked to a malfunctioning stator.