How can I find my old motorcycle?

Are you searching for the old motorcycle that you cherished when you were younger? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have it back and restore it to its former glory?

Check with the DVLA if your old motorcycle is still on the road or if it has been scrapped. The latter may be bad news. If your old motorcycle is now a classic, check the relevant clubs. If it’s not on the scrapped registrar, then you have a chance, although the reg could have changed, making things even more difficult.

Can you track down your old motorcycle?

It is possible to track down your old motorcycle in the UK. It can take some time to find due to dealing with initially government establishments. However, they are pretty helpful when you can speak with someone.

The first thing you need to know is if the motorcycle is still on the road. If it’s old and still on the road, it could be owned by an enthusiast, and the chances of purchasing the motorcycle have just been reduced.

However, almost everything in life has a price, mainly mechanical, so all is not lost.

If your motorcycle has been scrapped, then you will never retrieve it, especially if it was scrapped in years gone by. But as a long shot, you may be able to retrieve the registration plate from the DVLA.

If you could purchase the registration from the DVLA, you could look for a similar motorcycle and change the reg plates. Depending on your thoughts to all intents and purposes, this could be your long lost motorcycle.

If you are not getting anywhere with DVLA and would like to speed the process of finding your old motorcycle, you should contact the relevant motorcycle club.

Tracking down your old motorcycle will be challenging, but motorcycle clubs are full of like-minded folks who understand your passion for your old motorcycle.

Luckily, your motorcycle is registered with a club. The club will contact you on your behalf and hopefully will pass on the owner’s details interested in entering into dialogue with you.

The key to tracking down your old motorcycle is patience and possibly thinking outside the box to get you back in the saddle of your beloved machine.

How do I find my bike model?

Your first port of call should be DVLA; they hold all of the records of every vehicle registered in the UK for decades. If your motorbike was registered, they have all the information about where it’s located now.

If you get a positive reply, you are in luck. If the process is protracted, approach the relevant motorcycle club, BSA or Honda.

Enthusiasts love to join clubs, share information with like-minded folks, pick up tips, and find parts for obsolete motorbikes.

If your motorbike is registered with a club, you are in luck.