How much do motorcycle leathers weigh?

Do you consider the weight of leathers to be cumbersome and prefer artificial materials for riding your motorcycle?

Motorcycle leather has different weights depending on the size and thickness. On average, a one-piece leather will weigh around 2 kilos for a 6-foot male. A single piece suit will weigh less than a jacket and trousers made from leather.

How much does a leather motorcycle suit weigh?

It depends on the style of the leathers and the height and girth of the rider, and if the rider is male or female. You can reasonably expect a single piece suit for a 6 -foot male to weigh a couple of kilos.

This is lightweight, and if you are a competition rider, then weight makes a big difference in the overall performance and your lap times.

However, weight is not so crucial for most riders on the road. It’s about comfort and style.

When comparing the weight of a single piece leather motorcycle suit with a leather jacket, the jacket may be heavier due to thicker materials that are more restrictive.

What are motorcycle leathers made from?

In general, they are made from cowhide. Cowhide is a good material with excellent abrasion-proof qualities that make it a great choice for motorcycle leathers.

But other animal hides can be used. If you are down under, you will certainly come across kangaroo hides that are leather. It’s also tough and makes perfect motorcycle leather.

Goat leather is also used. Goat is interesting due to its flexible nature, making perfect tactile gloves.

Goat leather is durable but not as durable as cowhide, and it’s more expensive.

Some riders prefer not to use animal hides and opt for faux leathers that are synthetic materials. They are widely used in the manufacture of motorcycle boots and do a great job at a more affordable price.

What are MotoGP leathers made of?

For MotoGP riders, kangaroo leather jumps on cowhide, and the kangaroo leather is lighter and very tough. It has excellent durability and abrasion-resistant properties that are needed for motorsports.

Everyone thinks about protection, but for MotoGP riders, the leather has to be comfortable and stretch as he changes position hundreds of times while on the track.

What leather do MotoGP riders use?

Kangaroo leather is widely used for MotoGP rider’s suits. Kangaroo leather is a perfect choice. It has all the protection of cowhide with a lighter weight.

The comfort factor is paramount to a MotoGP rider. With the constant changing of position, the leather needs to be pliable enough to stretch while not compromising the rider’s comfort and, more importantly, still providing protection.

You may have witnessed a MotoGP rider coming off his machine at high speed and sliding or tumbling for some distance. Did you ever see a torn up suit?

Kangaroo leather is tough and has excellent abrasion resistance.