How much space does a motorcycle take up?

Keeping your motorcycle out of the elements is a great idea, but how big a garage do you need to store your motorcycle?

The space required for motorcycle storage will vary dramatically depending on the CC displacement of your motorcycle. A 250cc cruiser has a length of about 70 inches, and a 1500cc cruiser is about 100 inches long. That’s a big difference without considering the seat height and width.

How much space does a motorcycle take?

If you want to store your motorcycle in a garage or shed, you need to choose the area that is big enough not only for the dimensions of the motorcycle but for you to work on the motorcycle when the time comes.

Having a small space to store your motorcycle can be frustrating, causing you to leave the motorcycle out in the elements and be exposed to potential theft.

A good size for your motorcycle will depend on the engine displacement. The larger the engine, the larger the motorcycle.

If you are buying a new shed, buy the biggest one feasible for your space and your budget. Invariably, once your motorcycle is tucked away in a dry environment, you can start doing some of your servicing, so space is needed.

Ensure the entrance to your shed has an adequate door and preferable double doors for ease of access.

What size shed do I need for a motorcycle?

The truth is you need quite a big shed even if you have a small motorcycle because the likelihood is you will upgrade, so start with a big shed.

With more extensive motorcycles, the length is around 105 inches, almost 9 feet in length, so adding a couple of feet front and rear would make the shed 14 feet in length at a minimum.

If you share a garage with your car, allow room front and rear and a couple of feet on either side of the motorcycle.

A 20 x20 foot garage would be ample for two cars and a motorcycle.

Do motorcycles need more space to stop than cars?

If you are not on a trach, the real-world answer is they are both about the same with a stopping force of about 1g.

The main factor is the experience and speed of reactions that ultimately affect the overall stopping distance and road surface conditions.

Practising emergency braking on a motorcycle is a valuable thing to do to improve your reaction times.

How many motorcycles can fit in a parking space?

It’s normal for two motorcycles to share parking space, but it’s not ideal. Ideally, you want a parking space all to yourself to prevent accidental bumps on your motorcycle.

Although it is possible to squeeze into a parking space and buy a parking ticket, many authorities take a blind eye to the number of motorcycles parked as long as there is no obstruction.