How tall is too tall for a motorcycle?

When you sit on your motorcycle, do your feet sit flat on the ground, and your knees are bent? Is this position safe to ride in?

The simple answer is if you have your knees tucked up into your chest, then the motorcycle is way too small for you. If you are tall, change to a motorcycle more suited to your height. Ride an adventure motorcycle, they look a little like trail bikes, but they are comfortable and accommodate taller riders.

How high is too high for a motorcycle?

Make sure the motorcycle fits you. Start by sitting on the bike and getting a feel for the controls. Can you easily use the rear brake and change gear?

Shuffle around on the seat and make sure you will not feel fatigued riding this motorcycle. Being tall does not exclude you from owning and riding a motorcycle.

Motorcycles like cruisers offer the rider a more relaxed seating position, usually accompanied by a higher ride height.

BMW makes some high bikes off the ground and would accommodate a tall rider without a problem.

If all fails, you could consider a custom motorcycle like an ape hanger where you sit with your feet forward. Not the best solution for commuting to work but, there is always a solution.

It’s reasonable to assume if you are a basketball player and have a height above 6oot 5 inches, then the search for a motorcycle will become a challenge.

Is there a height limit to drive a motorcycle?

Yes, but it applies to smaller riders. Below is a guideline as to what size motorcycle you will need.

  • 6’ (182cm) and Taller: 40’’ seat height
  • 5’10” (178cm) Tall 36” to 40” seat height
  • 5’8” (172cm) Tall 33” to 35” seat height
  • 5’6” (167cm) Tall 30” to 32” seat height
  • 5” to 5’5” Tall 28” to 32” seat height

Can you be too tall for a sportbike?

Yes, sports bikes are compact machines designed for a specific purpose despite being allowed to be used on the roads.

The compact design may mean you are too cramped on the motorcycle. However, many sport looking bikes offer a higher seat to accommodate a more extended leg size.

A dual-sports motorcycle will have a higher seat and less cramped riding position but still have sporty looks and performance.

You should check the seat height and choose a motorcycle that fits your height. BMW enduro motorcycles have a high seating position that can accommodate a long leg size.

The higher the seat, the more comfortable the motorcycle will be for the taller rider and should accommodate the easy operation of the rear brake and gear lever.

If the motorcycle is not right for you, don’t buy it, you will become cramped and tired and disillusioned with your riding experience.

The fact is a small percentage of us are either too short or just too tall for motorcycles.