How wide is a trike motorcycle?

Why do motorcycle trikes vary so much in width? Is it to give the same characteristics as riding a car while having handlebars and changing gear with your left foot?

Motorcycle trikes vary in width greatly, with Yamaha producing a trike at just 32 inches while Harley Davidson produces a trike with a width of 65.7 inches. Once you move into the realm of custom trikes, the length is dictated by the axle, which is likely to be from a car.

How wide are motorcycle trikes?

It varies from what type of trickle you want to purchase. If you are looking for a city trike like Yamaha or Piaggio, they are in the ballpark of 30 inches to 35 inches depending on the manufacturers.

Can-am manufactures a very different type of trike, very sporty and aggressively looking. The Can-am has a wheelbase of up to 61.5 inches.

Why ride a trike? You could say it’s safety in numbers that the extra wheel provides more stability, ultimately making the trike a safer option. It’s like riding a motorcycle without the potential for spills.

For older riders, the trike is the perfect solution to provide the thrill of the ride with the added safety benefits.

How wide is the Harley trike?

Harley Davidson factory trikes can rewatch a whopping 103-inch wheelbase. However, most trikes are around the 60-inch mark, which gives the optimum for safety and comfort, not forgetting performance.

When you buy a Harley Davidson trike, you are buying a beast of a machine, and you should know some differences are riding on a three-wheel machine compared to a two-wheeled motorcycle.

The extra weight of the trike makes stopping distances a whole new ball game, and you need to be prepared for it.

Cornering is a new experience; no leaning (which is easier on the knees) trike has direct steering, meaning you turn the handlebar to the direction you want to go. 

Having the correct speed in a corner on a trike is essential and only apply the throttle when you go through the corner.

What is the width of a Honda Goldwing trike?

Honda Goldwing motorcycles are fitted with kits to make them trikes, such as the Voyager kit, the overall wheelbase of the Honda Goldwing Voyager is 71 inches.

This gives the Goldwing a strong stance on the road, and it looks like a machine that can perform with the very best.

Of course, the Goldwing is a fantastic cruiser.

How wide is a champion trike kit?

They vary slightly for which trike you wish to build; the Harley Davidson kit is a little over 54 inches which has a smaller wheelbase than Harley’s factory-built trikes.

The Honda Goldwing wheelbase is slightly wider at 57-inches which is a negligible difference in terms of stability as both trikes have a relatively low centre of gravity.

Champion trike kits are renowned for their quality and for giving your motorcycle a new lease of life.