Can you use a lawnmower battery for a motorcycle?

Have you ever come to start your motorcycle only to find the battery is dead? Will your mower battery be sufficient to start your motorcycle?

In terms of the batteries being similar, they are both 12-volt batteries, so there is no reason why you can start your motorcycle with a mower battery. The problem arises with the battery’s physical dimensions to fit onto your motorcycle.

Is a lawnmower battery the same as a motorcycle battery?

Yes, in terms of voltage output, they both output 12-volts unless you have an old motorcycle with a 6-volt system.

Ride-on mowers often use car batteries because there is no size restriction, and car batteries can be cheaper.

The output is the same from any 12-volt battery, and it will start your motorcycle if you can get it to fit in the space.

Can I use a lawnmower battery to start a motorcycle?

If the battery is 12-volt, you can use the lawnmower battery without any problems.

If the battery does not fit your motorcycle, you will need good old jump leads to get your motorcycle jump-started.

You should follow this procedure for safety reasons. Connect the positive terminal to the lawnmower battery and then the positive terminal to the motorcycle battery (red terminal).

Connect the negative terminal to the lawnmower battery and then connect the negative terminal to an unpainted earthed surface on the motorcycle.

Why do this? The last terminal will spark, old and dying batteries produce hydrogen, and the two don’t mix!

Some folks are concerned that the larger battery will fry the motorcycle battery! Well, in this instance, the power is only going to flow for a few seconds, so don’t worry.

Disconnect the jump leads in reverse order and leave your motorcycle running so your battery will take charge.

Can I use a different battery in my motorcycle?

Yes, you can. However, your motorcycle may not run as well! Batteries are sized to the electrical requirements of your motorcycle, so if you do change to a different battery, it needs to have the same amperage and volts as the one you are replacing.

Newer motorcycles cab has a large power requirement with all standard equipment and any ancillaries you may be running.

If you feel a larger battery will be better for your motorcycle, consult a specialist rather than buy a generic battery from a store.

Our lawn mower batteries 12-volt?

Ride-on lawnmowers are 12 volt systems. Pre 1980 mowers used 6-volt batteries, but there are not so many 1980 mowers in existence today. This is mainly due to the cost of the battery and not any requirements from the engine.

The lawnmower battery is a good option for jump-starting your motorcycle, providing you need the extra power during the cutting season.

Just remember the procedure for connecting the jump leads. Even if the likelihood of hydrogen being present is slim, it’s better to be safe than sorry.