How Many Keys Does A Motorcycle Come With?

Have you wondered how many keys you should receive with your motorcycle from the dealership?

As a standard, most motorcycles come with two keys from the dealership, so you should keep one as a spare if a key is lost or damaged. If your bike comes with a carry box or panniers, you are likely to receive separate keys for these items. 

Do motorcycles come with one or two keys?

Your new motorcycle from a dealership will come with at least two keys. One key is spare and should be placed in a secure location in your home in the event your primary key is lost, stolen, or damaged.

Without the spare key supplied by the dealership, you may find it difficult to replace the key and, therefore, more expensive as you will require a new ignition switch to start your motorcycle.

Make a note of your key numbers. This will help you to get a replacement if needed.

If your motorcycle has a keyless entry, you should still receive two keys from the dealership. However, the keys will have different functions.

One for daily use and the other focused on securing your motorcycle by setting the anti-theft devices.

If you have specified your motorcycle to be fitted with a carry box or panniers, you will receive additional keys for these items.

How many keys does a BMW motorcycle have?

Your new BMW motorcycle will come with two keys, one being a keyless entry key FOB that you keep in your pocket. The key fob has a proximity sensor, so it can be activated with ease when you are close to your motorcycle.

Your keyless entry should also unlock the fuel filler cap on the tank.

Your second key is for use when your motorcycle is serviced and will unlock the handlebars and start the ignition.

If you lose your BMW main key FOB, the dealer will require your VIN number and driving documents to order a new FOB from BMW.

How much are motorcycle keys?

If your local key cutter has specific keys, replacing your lost motorcycle key can be a cheap process. You will probably pay less than twenty dollars for a new key.

However, most motorcycle keys are now chipped with a security code, and without the code being encoded to the key chip, your motorcycle will not start.

If you need to order a new key from your dealership, you will need your VIN, driving license, and logbook before the dealer orders with the primary manufacturer for a replacement.

Keyless entry key FOBs are, as expected, more expensive because you are locked to the dealer to purchase a replacement. Again, you will need to prove your identity and the motorcycle’s lawful owner before they proceed with your order for a new FOB.