Are Motorcycle Helmet Lights Legal in the UK?

Motorcycle helmet lights are a popular way to make it safer for bikers. They keep drivers aware of the biker’s presence and they also help bikers see in low light conditions, like at night. But what about motorcycle helmet lights in the UK?

Are Motorcycle Helmet Lights Legal in the UK

Are they legal or not? This post will explore that question and answer it with some helpful tips on how to stay safe as you ride your bike.

Are helmet lights legal? Totally legal, you can put whatever lights on your body but not on the vehicle itself. This means that as long as your bike isn’t lit up like a Christmas tree with all kinds of flashing neon lights, it’s totally fine to use motorcycle helmet lights.

As long as you’re wearing your reflective clothing and have lit up your bike properly, then using additional head or handheld lights is not illegal.

However… I would recommend avoiding the type of helmet light that isn’t attached directly to your body because it can be distracting for other drivers.

Are helmet lights required by law?

Motorcycle helmets with built-in headlights are considered an accessory and not required by law.  You can find these types of helmets on Amazon.

However, there are laws about the legality of motorcycle lights in the UK.

Reflective clothing

The law states that any motorcycle rider or passenger must wear reflective clothing and have their bike lit up at night to ensure they’re visible. This is to protect them from drivers failing to spot bikers.

In the UK, it’s illegal for a rider or passenger not to wear reflective materials when on their bike at night time. You must also have your headlights and any rear lights illuminated while you’re riding in order to ensure other road users can see you clearly. Make sure all your lights are working and make sure you’re wearing bright colours.

You can also use additional lights to highlight your helmet or other reflective materials you are wearing, which is perfectly safe. To ensure the safety of yourself and others on the road at night time it’s best not to have too many flashy but unnecessary motorcycle helmet lights that could distract drivers’ attention from what they should be concentrating on – driving safely.

Other ways to increase visibility

If you don’t think your bike is bright enough, there are plenty of ways to increase visibility through things like LED strips (depending on the placement), flashing indicators, brake lights etc.


We hope this post helped answer your question. There are many types of bike lights and helmet lights that can be purchased online or through local retailers such as Halfords and Tesco Direct, which offer high-quality products at affordable prices.

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